DC to DC Converter Uses and Applications

DC to DC Converter Uses and Applications

Some common uses and applications of DC to DC Converter are,
  1. LED Driver Circuit
  2. Solar Grids
  3. Solar Inverter
  4. Solar Charger
  5. Photovoltaic Systems
  6. Wind Turbine Power Generation
  7. Switched Mode Power Supply
  8. Battery operated Vehicles
  9. DC Motor Controllers
  10. Automobile Industry
  11. Laptop
  12. Mobile Phones
  13. Tablets, iPods

DC to DC converter is an electrical, electromechanical, or electronic circuit that takes the DC power supply as input and provides the DC power supply as output. The main function of a DC-to-DC converter is to change the voltage level, current flow, etc.

For example, a Buck converter is a DC-to-DC converter that steps down the voltage whereas a boost converter is also a DC-to-DC converter that steps up the voltage. There are different types of DC to DC converters available in the market such as electronic converters, electromechanical converters, and electrochemical converters.

Electronic DC to DC converter uses solid-state or semiconductors such as MOSFETs, IGBTs, and other types of transistors and diodes. The electronic converter uses the ultra-fast switching principle for its operation. An electronic converter causes a very high power loss and provides a very high power efficiency.

Electromechanical converters have both electrical and mechanical arrangements for their operation. In older days, a generator and a motor are coupled to build a converter circuit. Although this arrangement can be used for AC to DC, DC to AC, AC to AC, and DC to DC converters. To build a DC to DC converter circuit a DC motor and a DC generator need to couple.

Now, let's discuss about the applications of DC to DC Converter listed in the above.

LED Driver Circuit

LED means Light Emitting Diode that emits light energy when a DC supply is applied to it. There are two types of LED driver circuits available - AC to DC LED Driver and DC to DC LED Driver. AC to DC LED driver is used when there is an AC supply available as a power source. DC to DC LED driver circuit is used when there is a DC supply is available. DC LED driver is nothing but a DC-to-DC converter circuit. The DC LED driver circuit provides output with the appropriate voltage and current to Drive the LED panel. For example, we have a 24V battery and an LED panel of 12V. In this case, we need an LED driver or DC-to-DC converter circuit that will step down the 24V DC into 12V DC.

Solar Grid/Inverter/Charger

We know that the solar photovoltaic cells used in solar panels can generate electricity in the form of DC. So all the solar-related systems, devices such as Solar Grids, Solar inverters, and Solar Charger use DC to DC converters for their operation. DC to DC converter steps up or step down voltage or control current.

Switched Mode Power Supply

The switched-mode power supply system or SMPS system uses DC to DC converter circuit at its output circuit to provide rated voltage and current without any fluctuation in input. It helps with voltage regulation.

Battery Operated Vehicles

Battery-operated vehicles also use DC-to-DC converter circuits to control the motor and other auxiliary components. Generally, the battery-operated vehicles are built with DC motors. Here, all the lights, sound system, and charging system used DC to DC converter. Basically, it converts voltage and current.

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