What is Solar Lantern? Best Buying Tricks

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What is Solar Lantern?

Solar Lantern is basically a light that comes with a complete setup of solar photovoltaic cells, charging circuits, and batteries. When you keep it in sunlight the battery will charge so there is no requirement of an electrical power supply from our utility electricity. It is very helpful for rural area people where electricity is not so much available. Solar Lantern is a very compact, portable, and simple-designed product. Due to its compact and simple design nowadays all areas people including urban areas also use solar lanterns. There are various types of solar lanterns that are available in the market manufactured by different companies, and brands.

Solar lanterns can be used indoors as well as outdoors. It is portable and very easy to carry. It is very easy to install temporarily or hang anywhere. A solar lantern is able to keep bright a whole room like a conventional electric lamp or bulb. Even some lanterns are able to provide more brightness than conventional bulbs. The main advantages of a solar lantern are lightweight, versatile, portable, easy to operate, no electricity cost, etc.

How does a Solar Lantern Works?

The working principle of a solar lantern is very simple. It has a solar photovoltaic cell that will generate electricity when kept in sunlight. The charger circuit will charge the battery taking power from the solar cell. Generally, the battery takes 7 to 8 hours to get fully charged. Although it depends upon the size and capacity of the battery. A fully charged battery can operate a lamp for up to 4 to 5 hours. Again it depends upon the size and capacity of the lamp.

Solar Lantern Buying Tricks

When you going to purchase a solar lantern, you must consider these important factors.

1. Using Place and Types of Product

First of all, ensure that where you want to use it - it may be indoors or outdoors, garden, rainy places, emergency cases. So according to your usable place, you can choose the right type of product that will actually be suitable for you. Because there are a lot of types of products are available in the market. So don't consume and purchase the wrong product. For example, if you want to use it outdoor then you must purchase a very good branded product that is long-lasting, durable, weatherproof, etc.

2. Brightness/Lumens Rating

Before you buy a lantern you must check its lumen rating. Because more lumens mean more brightness and fewer lumens mean less brightness. Generally, a solar lantern can generate more than 7 lumens. For indoor using purposes less than 30 lumens is enough. But for outdoor use, you must purchase more than 50 lumens lanterns. It is recommended to purchase 50-200 lumens lanterns as per your budget. 

3. Battery Type, Capacity, Charging Time

Battery type and capacity are also very important factors. Lithium-ion batteries are better than lead-acid batteries. The capacity of the battery defines how much power it can deliver over time. So, more capacity means a long time it will provide the power or runtime also be more.

These are the important factors you must keep in your mind before purchasing a solar lantern. Other some factors you can consider such as,
  • Charging Time
  • Lighting Modes
  • Waterproof
  • Durability and Strength
  • Weight and Size
  • Warranty

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