What is Solar Outdoor Light? Best Buying Tricks

solar outdoor light

What is Solar Outdoor Light?

Solar Outdoor Light is a type of light with a complete set of Solar PV Cells, batteries, Charging circuits, and light. It is the very best suitable choice for lighting your outdoor, garden, streets, and yards without consuming your utility electricity. There is no hazard for electrical wiring, complex installation, or maintenance. Solar outdoor lights are very cost-effective for outdoor lighting. Modern solar outdoor lights come in so many advanced features and automation systems. For example, you do need to turn On or turn Off manually. There is already a sensor is available that will automatically turn on the light at night time and turn off the light in the daytime.

Nowadays most of the solar lights use LED so it gives very high brightness and very low power consumption. This also increases the run time of the light and decreases the charging time of the battery. Some solar lights come with motion sensors also, that will detect the human or motion so they are only turned on when anyone comes nearby. This helps a lot for lighting in the garden, streets, etc.

So if we look at the advantages of solar outdoor light, there are a lot of such as no electrical power consumption from the utility, very easy to install, flexible operation, etc. Disadvantages are high cost, not working properly in rainy seasons or without sunlight.

Solar Outdoor Light Buying Tricks

Before purchasing a solar light you must consider these important factors.

1. Make Sure your place and type of light

There are so many types of light available in the market. So, first of all, make sure that where you want to install the light. According to the place, you can choose the type of light. For example, you want to fix a light just outside wall of your home. So here you no need to purchase a string-type light or landscape-type light. Here you need to purchase a wall-mounted light. 

2. Brightness

The second most important thing is brightness. And to know the brightness of light you have to look at its lumens rating. All the lights are identified with their lumens rating. So when you purchase a light, you must check its lumen rating. Remember that more lumens mean more brightness, and fewer lumens mean low brightness or dimmer light.

3. Battery Types, Capacity, and Charging Time

The type of battery and the capacity of the battery is also a very important factor. Battery types mean it indicates that is it the lithium-ion batteries or lead-acid batteries. Lithium-ion batteries provide more efficiency and there is no need to fill water. The lead-acid battery has a shorter lifespan and needs to fill water. The Watt-Hour(WH) rating on the battery indicates its capacity. More watt-hour rating indicates more capacity of the battery. So it will help to glow the light for a long time. Battery charging time is also a very important factor. 

4. Durability, weatherproofing, and Ingress Protection

Remember that you purchase a solar outdoor light that has to function in the outside environment. So before purchasing you must check its durability and strongness. Also, must check whether it is weatherproofing or not means it is completely enclosed, water cannot go inside in the rainy season, withstand excessive temperature, etc.

These was the most important factors you should consider before purchasing. Other some factors are available that you can check before purchasing a solar outdoor light such as,
  • Activation Methode(manual/automatic)
  • Special features
  • Warranty
  • Runtime

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