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Here some information for you to advertise with us.

Website Niche:

  • Engineering Education
  • Technology
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Electronics Engineering
  • Industrial Knowledge
  • Review of Electrical & Electronic Devices, Products, Gadgets
  • Applications, Softwares for electrical and electronics projects, control, operations, drawings, etc.

Why you should advertise with Us?

Branded Blog, Branded Articles, Excellent User Experiences

Latest Traffic Stats: (source: google analytics)

Monthly Visits: 60000+
Monthly Page Views: 100000+
Traffic source: 92% organic, Social media(8%) - Pinterest, Facebook, Reddit,...
Audiences: India(50%), U.S(20%), Other(30%) - U.K, Japan, China,....... more than 100 countries
Feed Subscriber: 250+

Note: Traffic Stats will be updated in every three months

Low-Cost for all types of Ad slots:

Display Ad Slots: (50$/month for each)

  • 320*50 Header(occupied)
  • 320*50 before post(occupied)
  • 320*50 after post
  • 320*250 after post
  • 320*250 sidebar1(occupied)
  • 320*250 sidebar2(occupied)
  • In Article
  • Custom Size and placement: Contact Us

**We also can create banner AD with  Attractive Titles. You just need to provide your website or product URL.**

Other advertisement opportunities:

  • Sponsored Posts(contact us for price)
  • Insert Link in our existing article (contact us for price)
  • Review

Note: We can change our price anytime. But it will not affect to the existing advertisement contracts. New price will be applied to new contracts only.

Payment Methods:

UPI, NEFT, Paypal for India
Paypal for other countries

Contact us through email - 1. 

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