Different Types of Plotter Applications, Advantages, Disadvantages

Hey, let's go to know about the different types of Plotter and their own applications, advantages, and disadvantages. Basically, a plotter is a special type of printer that is used to print large maps, graphs, designs, and engineering drawings with high accuracy. Generally, the plotters work on the same principle as Inkjet Printers, but as accuracy is mandatory the plotters have some additional arrangements.

Types of Plotter

There are different types of plotters which are explained below,

1. Drum Plotter

Basically, a drum Plotter has a rotating drum and one or more fixed pens of different colors. During the operation, the paper is placed on the drum and the cylindrical drum rotates according to the signal coming from the computer. So, when the drum rotates, the Pens also move left and right according to the input signal, therefore, the images are drawn.

Drum Plotter, Types of Plotter Applications

Drum Plotter Application

Drum Plotters are used for very large posters, maps, drawings, etc. They are also used for long graphic prints such as billboards, blueprints, etc.

Drum Plotter Advantage

The most important advantage is, an unlimited length of images can be printed but the width is restricted to the drum's width.


Drum Plotters are more costlier than other plotters because it has both a drum and pen as moving part.

2. Flatbed Plotter

The flatbed plotter has a rectangular flatbed table arrangement where the paper is to be placed. Almost the same size of the paper as the size of the flatbed can be placed in this plotter. Here the pens are moving part. During the operation, pens are moving left and write as well as up and down according to the given input signal, therefore, images are drawn.

Flatbed Plotter Application

Flatbed Plotters are used to print mechanical designs such as the design of cars, ships, buildings, etc.


The Flatbed Plotters are very slow in operation due to the movement of pens in all directions.

3. Inkjet Plotter

Inkjet plotters have a nozzle system through which they push the beads of ink directly onto the paper surface and make the images. 

Inkjet plotters are used by advertising agencies for the printing of banners, posters, etc.

4. Cutting Plotter

Cutting Plotters have sharp blades instead of pens. The double-coated papers are used with these printers. 

Cutting Plotter, Types of Plotter Applications

These plotters cut the upper thin layer of the paper to produce graphical images. They are mostly used to print different symbols, logos, signs, letters, numbers, etc. The vehicle's graphics are generally made by cutting plotters. These plotters are very fast in operation.

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