Astable Multivibrator Applications, Advantages and Circuit Diagram

The main applications of Astable Multivibrator are Wave Generation Circuits, frequency Modulations, Timing Circuits, etc. In this article, you will find a lot of Astable Multivibrator Applications and advantages. Here you will find also the circuit diagrams of the Astable Multivibrator used for different purposes.

An Astable Multivibrator circuit is basically an oscillator circuit that can produce a continuous rectangular wave as its output. The astable multivibrator does not need any external triggering for its operation. As this multivibrator circuit cannot produce any stable state that is why it is called Astable Multivibrator.

Applications of Astable Multivibrator

1. The Astable Multivibrator circuit is mainly used as a continuous wave generation circuit.

2. Astable Multivibrators are used in Frequency Modulation Circuits.

3. Astable Multivibrators are used in analog as well as digital timer Circuits.

4. They are also used in Voltage to Frequency converter circuits.

5. Astable Multivibrator circuits can generate also Square Waves, for this reason, they are used in digital transmission, receiver, television broadcast, etc.

6. They are used for pulse synchronization or pulse position modulation.

7. They are used as timing oscillators or clocks in a computer system.

8. They are used in Radio Equipment such as transmitters and Receiver circuits.

9. In earlier days, astable multivibrators were used for morse code generation.

10. They are used in digital Flip-Flop Circuits, and Electronic Register Circuits.

11. They are used in flashing lights, and automatic switching circuits.

12. They are used for speed control of DC motors with Pulse Width Modulation Technique.

Advantages of Astable Multivibrator

1. They are very simple in design.

2. They are very reliable.

3. They are very easy to construct at a very low cost.

4. They do not need any external triggering.

5. They can run continuously for a very large amount of time without any problem.

Disadvantages of Astable Multivibrator

The continuous pulse generation by this multivibrator circuit depends upon the positive feedback. So due to the resistance in the circuit, this multivibrator cannot transfer the whole output signal to the input. So a small amplifier circuit is used with this multivibrator circuit which restores the lost energy.

Astable Multivibrator Circuit Diagram

Here you can see the simple astable multivibrator circuit using a Bipolar Junction Transistor(BJT).

astable multivibrator circuit using BJT, Applications

Here you can see the astable multivibrator circuit using IC 555. Here the duty cycle of the output pulses can be varied by varying the resistance R1.

Astable Multivibrator circuit using IC 555, Applications

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