Actual Difference Between Oscillator and Amplifier

Oscillator and Amplifier

The actual difference between Oscillator and Amplifier is, Oscillator can create an oscillating signal and the amplifier can increase the magnitude of an oscillating signal. So, an oscillator oscillates the signal whereas an amplifier amplifies the signal.

So Amplifier comes into use after Oscillator. We already have a complete article on Oscillator which will give you the whole concept of an Oscillator. So you can read that article.

Before going to know the difference, let's discuss something about Oscillators and Amplifiers,


Oscillator input and output

An oscillator is an electrical or electronic circuit which can create an oscillating signal. We can generate the oscillating signal of any frequency, or shape using the oscillator circuit. The oscillator takes a steady state signal as input and it gives the oscillating signal as the output.
In the oscillator circuit, phase feedback is must need to stabilize the output. An oscillator circuit can give output after removing the input signal which means it needs the input for a short time. There is no more importance in the input of an oscillator. Here, the output is the main factor.


  1. Oscillator circuits are used in computers, laptops, and mobiles to generate clock pulses.
  2. Crystal Oscillator is used in Watches.
  3. Oscillators are used in sensors like pressure sensors, temperature sensors, accelerometers, and gyroscopes for generating excitation signals and reference frequencies that helps to measure and detect physical quantities.
  4. Oscillators are crucial components in RF and communication systems for generating carrier signals, local oscillators, and reference clocks. They are used in applications such as wireless communication, radio broadcasting, radar systems, and satellite communications.

Amplifier :

Amplifier input and output

An amplifier is also an electronic circuit that can increase the magnitude of the signal. The amplifier can increase the power of an electronic signal. The amplifier needs an auxiliary power supply to increase the magnitude of a signal. An ideal amplifier gives the exact same output signal as the input signal, it just increases the magnitude. The amplifier acts as a multiplier of the input signal. The multiplication factor is also dependent on the feedback. The output of an amplifier depends upon both the auxiliary power supply and the input signal is to be amplified.


  1. In the Audio system, amplifiers are widely used. To drive a powerful speaker amplifier is used to increase the magnitude or power of the audio signals.
  2. Amplifiers play a very important role in telecommunications systems to boost and transmit signals over long distances. They are used in telephone networks, mobile communication systems, fiber optic communication systems, and satellite communication systems to amplify and distribute signals. It helps with long-range transmission and reception
  3. Amplifiers are used in instrumentation and measurement applications where weak electrical signals need to be accurately amplified and processed. They are used in devices such as oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, data acquisition systems, and sensor interfaces to boost and condition signals for analysis, monitoring, and measurement purposes.

Oscillator VS Amplifier:

The Oscillator can create a periodic signal.
The amplifier can increase the amplitude of the Signal.
The oscillator needs the input for a short time which means the oscillator can give the output signal even after removing the input signal.
The amplifier does not give the output if the input signal is removed.
The Oscillator acts as a source of a signal.
The amplifier acts as a multiplier of a signal.
Oscillators are used in computers, laptops, etc to create the clock pulses.
Amplifiers are used in audio systems to increase the magnitude of the audio signal.
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