[BEST] Applications, Advantages of FM or Frequency Modulation

The best applications of FM or Frequency Modulation are FM Radio broadcasting, Modems, magnetic tape recording systems, etc. There are many applications of Frequency Modulation. In this article, you will find a lot of Frequency Modulation applications with detailed explanations. Here you will find also the advantages of Frequency Modulation and disadvantages of FM in a detailed explanation.

Applications of FM(Frequency Modulation)

(1) The Frequency Modulation technique is widely used in FM Radio Broadcasting. Every radio station has its own frequency band and the signals from all radio stations are transmitted over a single transmission line. We can tune our radio to connect our radio with a particular radio station.

(2) The Frequency Modulation technique is also used in our computer Modems.

(3) In the Magnetic Tape Recording system, the Frequency Modulation technique is used.

(4) The Frequency Modulation technique is used in the Radio Detection And Ranging(RADAR) system.

(5) The Frequency Modulation technique is also used in multimedia data transmissions such as Audio and Video transmission. Most of the cases Audio is transmitted over FM and sometimes video is also transmitted using the FM technique.

(6) The frequency modulation is used for music synthesis to create an electronic signal in electronic musical instruments.

(7) The FM technique is also used in the telemetry system.

(8) The FM technique is used in personal computer sound cards to synthesize the sound.

(9) The Frequency Modulation technique is used in the Walkie-Talkie, police communication system.

(10) The FM technique is also used in Bluetooth, and Zigbee communication technologies.

(11) The FM technique is also used in Ambulance Communication systems.

(12) The FM technique is used in the direct satellite broadcasting system.

(13) The FM technique is used in two-way radio communication for its low-noise features.

Advantages of Frequency Modulation

(1) There is very low noise distortion and interference in Frequency Modulation.

(2) In the Frequency Modulation system smaller size of the Antenna is required.

(3) The transmitter and receiver circuit in the frequency modulation system can be designed for low power consumption. It is a great advantage of Frequency Modulation.

(4) The amplitude of the signal in frequency modulation always remains constant which increases efficiency.

(5) As in the frequency modulation system, the signals can be transmitted with a very high frequency which is why a huge amount of data can be transmitted.

(6) The FM technique provides a very good sound quality when audio signals are transmitted.

Disadvantages of Frequency Modulation

(1) The frequency modulator circuit is very complex.

(2) In the Frequency Modulation technique, a carrier signal or carrier wave is needed.

(3) Frequency Modulation is not suitable for very long transmission purposes but amplitude modulation is suitable for long transmission purposes.

(4) In the Frequency Modulation technique, a very high bandwidth is required and the full bandwidth cannot be used.

(5) The FM transmitter and receiver circuits are costlier than the AM transmitter and receiver circuits.

Why we need Frequency Modulation?

Frequency modulation is mainly used for two reasons one is to reduce the Antenna size and another is to reduce interference. We know that if we want to transmit a low-frequency signal then we need a larger size of Antenna but if we transmit a very high-frequency signal then we need a smaller size of Antenna. 

Frequency Modulation(FM), FM Waveform

So in the frequency modulation technique, the audio signal is converted into a very high-frequency radio signal then it is transmitted. On the receiver side, the demodulator circuit again converts the high-frequency radio signal into the previous original audio signal.

As the different frequencies are used to transmit different signals over a single channel, there is very little interference. So in a big city, many people can communicate at the same time without any interference.

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