What is a Power Adapter? Price, Applications, Buying Guide

power adapter, What is a Power Adapter? Price, Applications, Buying Guide

What is a Power Adapter?

Power Adapter is a power supply electronic device that is used to provide electrical power supply to different electronic devices as per their requirement from our utility electricity. For example, our laptop required 19V DC, but we have 230V AC in our utility electricity. So, in this case, we required a power adapter that would convert the 230V AC into 19V DC.

Don't confuse with the adapter and charger. Although they are almost the same but there are some differences between the charger and adapter.

There are two types of power adapters are available in the market - 1. AC Adapter  2. DC adapter

Basically, the AC Adapter does not convert the AC into DC it just processes the voltage and power. For example, a device requires a 12V AC, 5A power supply. So, here an AC adapter is required that can provide a 12V AC, 5A power supply. So, here the adapter only steps down the voltage and does not convert anything.

On the other hand, the DC adapter mostly known as a charger not only steps down the voltage even it converts the AC supply into DC. For example, a DC adapter that has an output of 12V DC, 2A, first steps down the 230V AC supply into 12V AC then it converts into 12V DC.

Most of the modern adapters are work with a Switched Mode Power Supply(SMPS) system. It is an electronic circuit built with different types of active and passive electronic components such as MOSFETs, IGBTs, etc. The main advantages of a switch-mode power supply system are high efficiency, low noise, less power loss, compact in size, etc.

Power Adapter Price

The price of a power adapter depends upon its design, type, ratings, brands, etc. Although you will get a power adapter from the minimum price of 2-3$.

Power Adapter Buying Guide

Before you purchase a power adapter, you must keep in mind these important factors. Because choosing or purchasing the wrong adapter will cause you a huge loss, will be not suitable for your device, and even may damage your device.

Match your Device Rating

The most important thing is, that the output of the power adapter should match your device rating. For example, your device is rated as it requires a 9V DC, 2A adapter. So don't buy an adapter that has a higher voltage rating than 9V and a lower current rating than 2A. If you purchase a higher voltage means a 12V adapter, it will damage your device. If you purchase a lower current-rated adapter which means a 1A adapter, then it will not be able to provide the proper power supply to your device and it will produce more heat even if it may be burned.


When you purchase a branded product there is no doubt in electrical safety and features. But when you buy a local product, then must look at its electrical safety. Buying a local product without providing any electrical safety may cause an accident such as electrical shock, explosion, blast, etc.


Warranty is also a very important factor. As you spend money, so damaging the adapter will make you a huge loss. So, always try to purchase a product that provides a minimum of a 1-year warranty.

Power Adapter Use and Applications

There is a lot of examples of power adapter used in our daily life electronic devices such as laptop, mini printing machine, DC fans, Mini scanner, music systems, home theaters, CCTV camera system, Automation circuits, etc.

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