Examples of Wireless Technology and Devices

Examples of Wirelss Technology and Devices

Here, is the list of common examples of Wireless Technology,
  1. Bluetooth Technology
  2. RFID Technology
  3. Multimedia Broadcasting
  4. Remote Control
  5. Satellite Communication
  6. Mobile Cellular Communication
  7. Global Positioning System(GPS)
  8. WiFi Technology
  9. Near Field Communication(NFC)
  10. Internet of Things(IoT)
  11. RADAR Systems
  12. SONAR System
  13. Wireless Charging
  14. LIDAR Technology

Wireless technology or wireless communication is that where multiple devices communicate and exchange data wirelessly. There is no physical conductive path between communicating devices. Wireless technology makes the system flexible, and portable. Wireless technology uses different types of waves for its operation such as Microwave, Radio waves, LightWave, Sound waves, Electromagnetic Inductance, Infrared Rays, etc.

Wireless devices are those that use or works with wireless technology or wireless communication system.

Here, is the list of common examples of Wireless Devices,
  1. Bluetooth Headphone
  2. TV Remote
  3. Bluetooth Speakers
  4. Mobile Phones
  5. NFC Tags
  6. RFID Cards
  7. Wireless Keyboards
  8. Wireless Mouse
  9. Smart Key for Car
  10. Video Game Console
  11. Wireless Computer

Nowadays we are surrounded by so many wireless technologies. Bluetooth, Wifi, RFID, and RADAR all use electromagnetic waves such as Radio Frequency signals. For example, when you transfer data between two devices, one of them generates radio wave signals while another one receives them. Bluetooth technology is used for two-way communication also. There are so many protocols, concepts, encoding, decoding, and encryption systems used in wireless communication systems.

You may have heard about the SONAR Technology. It is a wireless technology that uses sound energy or sound waves for its operation. Generally, SONAR technology is used by ships for underwater communication systems. Because the electromagnetic wave does not work under the water. The full form of SONAR is Sound Navigation and Ranging. Initially, it generates the sound energy. And it has a detector that detects the sound after reflecting. By detecting the reflected sound wave it can measure the distance of the object, location, angle, etc.

The TV Remote, DVD Remote, and Air Conditioner Remotes all use Infrared Rays for their operation. Basically, they have a Light light-emitting diode that emits infrared rays. On the other hand, in the receiving device, there is an IR receiver that receives the Infrared Rays. The IR remotes communicate with Binary formats. Binary means On and Off. When the light is On it is to be considered as Binary level high or 1 and when the light is off it is to be considered as binary level low or 0. For each specific function, it generates a set of discrete infrared ray signals in binary forms.

Wireless Charging is also an example of wireless technology. It uses the electromagnetic induction principle to transfer electrical energy wirelessly. The power transmitter circuit has a coil that generates magnetic flux according to the voltage and current applied to it. The power receiver circuit also has a coil. During the operation, the flux generated by the sender coil is linked by the receiver coil. So an emf or voltage is produced in the receiver coil. There are additional circuits are also used such as converter circuits, rectifier circuits, regulator circuits, etc. Nowadays the use of wireless charging increasing day by day. Smartphone charging system uses wireless charging technology.

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