10+ Practical Examples of Bluetooth

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The most common practical examples of Bluetooth are,
  1. Bluetooth Headphone
  2. Portable Bluetooth Speaker
  3. Bluetooth Keyboard
  4. Bluetooth Mouse
  5. Bluetooth Microphone
  6. Car Bluetooth Headset
  7. Bluetooth Enable Printer
  8. Bluetooth Webcam Camera
  9. Smart Phones
  10. Bluetooth Gamepad
  11. Bluetooth Control Smart security system
  12. Bluetooth enable music systems, home theaters, etc

Bluetooth is a very popular and widely usable wireless technology. Using this we can connect two or multiple devices wirelessly which means we do not need any wire or physical connecting medium.

For example, you can connect a Bluetooth headphone with your phone without any wire. First of all turn on your Bluetooth headphone then switch on its Bluetooth function. After that turn on Bluetooth on your phone then search the Bluetooth headphone name. Now pair both devices to start listening to music. Here the mobile phone can be called as a host device and the headphone is called as a Bluetooth device. The communication interface between these two devices is called Host Controller Interface or HCI. This interface provides an access layer for all the Bluetooth devices communicating with each other or can find each other.

Bluetooth is a short-range wireless communication system that uses Ultra High Frequency(UHF) radio waves for exchanging data or signals. It is mainly used to build a PAN or Personal Area Network. It operates from 2.402 GHz to 2.48 GHz. 

Bluetooth communication can work in a range of up to 10 meters. And it can transfer up to 2.5 milliwatt power.

If your personal computer has no Bluetooth enable-feature then you can use a Bluetooth adapter or Bluetooth dongle. Using a Bluetooth communication system you can transfer any files such as photos, video, audio, and other application or document file. This also enables you to play games with your nearest friends through their own mobiles. It increases the excellent gaming experience.

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