Bluetooth Connectivity Explained with All Information

Bluetooth is a wireless communication technology that uses radio frequency signals as its physical layer. Bluetooth is a short-range communication system that is used to connect electronic devices wirelessly for operating, controlling, and data transferring. Bluetooth technology is the oldest method that was invented in 1998. The Bluetooth technology system and its patent are managed by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group(SIG). So, when the manufacturers manufacture Bluetooth devices, they must follow the standards of SIG before launching to the market.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Bluetooth Connectivity

1. Bluetooth is a short-range communication and the Bluetooth connectivity range is a maximum of 30 feet to a few kilometers distances only. This distance will be decreased if there is any obstacle present.

2. Bluetooth uses ultra-high frequency(UHF) radio waves for data transferring.

3. Bluetooth works under the ISM band from 2.402 GHz to 2.48 GHz.

4. The Bluetooth connection system operates under the unlicensed ISM(Industrial, Scientific, and Medical) brands.

5. The Bluetooth system is only used for the Personal Area Network(PAN).

6. The transmission power in a Bluetooth connection is limited to 2.5 milli-watts.

7. Bluetooth is the alternative to RS-232 data cables.

8. The Bluetooth connectivity operates under the frequency-hopping spread spectrum. This means the communicating devices hop between the frequency bandwidth hundred times per second. It makes the Bluetooth connection more secure.

9. Bluetooth technology always works under the 'Star Topology'. Where the data sender acts as a master and the receiver acts as a slave. But here the slave can also send data to the master, the main role of the master is to start building the connection. Also, remember that up to seven slaves can be connected to a master. Or, we can say a maximum of eight devices can communicate with each other using Bluetooth technology.

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How does Bluetooth Work?

Let's know the real example of Bluetooth master and slave system.

Suppose you want to send a video file to your all seven friends at the same time. So, first of all, you have to turn on the Bluetooth on your mobile. Remember that the visibility should be in turn On condition. Now, tell to your friends to turn On Bluetooth on their mobile also. Then search your name in their device and tap to connect. Once they all are connected, you can send data to them. In the meantime, they cannot send any data to your mobile. Also, they cannot transfer data to each other.

So, the Bluetooth technology is a serial communication system.

Bluetooth is a very secure communication system. First of all, it is a low-range communication system, so hackers should be present in your nearest place to hack your connection. In, a Bluetooth communication system, frequency constantly varies, and there is no chance to hack an established connection.

For computers that have no built-in Bluetooth system, a Bluetooth adapter can be used for data transmission or pairing with other devices. But most of the modern computers and laptops are built with Bluetooth systems, so you no need to use any Bluetooth adapter for them.

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