Easily understand the concept of INTERNET with Block Diagram

The Internet is a global system that is used to connect computers and other devices around the world. The Internet is very helpful for communication, knowledge sharing, reading, etc. Nowadays, the Internet is a very important part of our daily life. But you know how the INTERNET System works. In this article, we are going to understand the basic concept of INTERNET and how it works.

INTERNET Block Diagram

First, of all let's see the block diagram of INTERNET to understand its working principle. Remember that this block diagram is only for understanding the concept. It does not exactly represent the actual INTERNET system, because there are so many devices and network systems that are used. But you will get 80% knowledge of the concept of INTERNET.

INTERNET Block Diagram, block diagram of internet system

Carefully read the above block diagram otherwise you can understand the actual concept. INTERNET is a global system and there are so many devices are connected but in the above block diagram how much possible we have tried to show.


The modem is a device that modulates the signal. To easily understand its function let's take an example. We know that our computer works with digital signals only but most of the signal transmission system works with an analog signal. So when connecting your computer with a network you must use a modem that will convert the digital signal into an analog signal when the computer sends data to the outside and the modem will convert the analog signal into a digital signal when the computer receives data.

Modem not only performs the conversion process even it also performs another so many other works such as modulation, filtering, encoding, decoding, etc. Basically, most of the devices we use such as computers and smartphones are built with modems.


The router is a device that routes the signal. The router is used when multiple users access the INTERNET through a single device. For example, An ISP (such as Reliance Jio, Vodafone, Airtel) provides INTERNET so many users, so they have a router. When the user accesses the INTERNET or communicates, the router helps to route signals from the user to the user.


ISP means Internet Service Provider. ISP companies provide the facility to access the internet. ISP companies work within a country and their main function is to provide internet to the user inside a country. Some examples of ISP companies are Airtel, Vodafone, Reliance Jio, etc. They provide internet to the user through broadband(wire connection) or mobile towers (wireless connection).

Tier 1 Companies

Tier 1 companies are those that help to connect ISP companies from different countries. So different countries are connected to each other and the global INTERNET system is built. They connect the countries using optic fiber cables generally laid under the sea or ocean. Examples of Tier 1 Internet Provider companies are BSNL, MTNL, Bharati Airtel, etc.

Server and Data Centers

A server or data center is a place where data is stored. For example, when you upload a video on YouTube it will be stored in the YouTube server or data center. Now you reading this blog means this article is also stored in the Google server.


Now, let's understand actually how actually the INTERNET works. Let's take an example for a better understanding. For, example you requested a video on YouTube to watch. And assume the YouTube server is available in the US and you are in India. So your request will travel in the form of data frames or packets. First of all the data packets will go to your internet service provider company then they will travel through the optical fiber cable and will reach the ISP company of the US. After it will go to the youtube server.

Now video data will come to your device exactly in the opposite principle as your request sent. That means the data from the server, first of all, goes to the ISP of the US then it will travel through the optic fiber cable and reach the ISP of India. After it will come from the ISP to your device and you will see the video content. These processes happen in a very short time such as less than milliseconds.

So the INTERNET is nothing but the connection of computers all over the world. It is just data exchange or communication between different computers all over the world.

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