Advantages and Disadvantages of the Internet with explanation

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Internet

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Internet

The Internet is a human-gifted thing that can be defeated the God-gifted things also. Most of the people do not know what is INTERNET, and how it works. But it is a very interesting thing. The term INTERNET comes from Interconnected Network. The INTERNET is nothing but an interconnection of computers, laptops, mobiles etc. The interesting fact is that this system is fully distributed. There's no central control that is deciding who interconnects with whom.

Suppose when you doing chat with your friends, at this time your mobile or computer is connected to your friend's mobile or computer.
Now you are reading my article, at this time your mobile or computer is connected to the SERVER(it is also a computer) at which my article is stored.
So, we can say the INTERNET is the interconnection between the mobiles, computers, tablets, etc.
Today we are going to know the Advantages and Disadvantages of the INTERNET.

The main advantage of the INTERNET is that we can communicate with any person any time around of the world in a few seconds.
The main disadvantages of the INTERNET are Security, crime, unemployment, etc.

The other advantages and disadvantages are discussed below.

Advantages in Communication System:

In a communication system, the INTERNET has a very important role. In fact, the INTERNET was discovered from the concept of the communication system. In earlier days we could not communicate with the person who lived very far from us. After the coming of INTERNET, we can easily communicate with any person around the world using E-Mail, Facebook, Whatsapp, etc.
As technology is getting better nowadays we can communicate visually with any person using Video Calling.
The Internet made our communication system,

  1. Easy
  2. Quickly
  3. Cheap
  4. Reliable


INTERNET has some disadvantages in the communication system. To communicate with any person we have to need a computer or laptop or mobile. The INTERNET Communication system may affect our devices. In mouth-to-mouth communication, you need no devices and you can handle any problems but on the Internet communication system viruses, malware, etc can affect your device. There are many frauds are available that can affect your device by sending a hidden virus, malware with your mail, messages.
The internet communication cannot give you 100% security to your communication. If you are not an expert then you can not take legal action against the fraud.

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Advantages of the INTERNET in Business:

The Internet is the best platform for business. You can easily sell your products on the internet. Just make a website and place your product photos or write about your services. Anybody around the world can find your website and can order for it. There are many services you can offer through the Internet to your customers. In fact, there are some services that can be offered to people only through the Internet. 


There are some disadvantages to doing business on the internet. You have to secure your website. Any fraud can hack your website and steal your data. You must be secure your payment system also.

Advantages in Learning and Getting Information:

The INTERNET is very helpful for learning, gathering knowledge, and getting information. INTERNET is the sea of knowledge. INTERNET helps us to reach the expert person, knowledgeable person to learn. The experts and knowledgeable persons upload their knowledge on the internet or SERVER. Internet helps us to connect our computer to that SERVER and ultimately we get the knowledge.
INTERNET also the sea of information. Just type your question on google, bing etc and you will get your answer. The most interesting things is that when we type our question then we find a lot of answers on the internet.

advantages of internet

Advantages in Advertisements:

INTERNET has an important role in advertisements. Using the internet we can inform a lot of people about our products. A lot of people can connect with you by only the internet. Most of the company uses the internet to give advertisements for their products. By using the internet you can inform about your product to only those people who are interested in it. So the Internet is one of the most helpful platforms for advertising.

Advantages of the INTERNET in Online shopping: 

The Internet solved our shopping problems. In modern days, we are all very busy. We can not give more time for shopping. Online shopping facility gives us a chance to choose our products from a huge collection. Any time, anywhere exclusive products can be purchased by a few clicks. Online shopping also gives the facility to the comparison of price. Online shopping saves a lot of time. Online shopping also saves our money.
Product Review system also helps us to choose the right product.
Using INTERNET facility we not only can order products, but we can also order food. It is a very interesting thing.

Disadvantages of the INTERNET in Online shopping:

Most of the cases we do payment online by our credit, debit cards. So care must be taken when you do online payments. There is some fake website which takes your card details and steals your money. There is some fake website which does not deliver your product after taking money.

Advantages in Online Jobs:

Internet helps to do job online seating at home. There are many jobs are available which are can be done from home. Online jobs can save time. Online jobs are very helpful for housewives. A housewife can do a job from home and also can care of the house. Part-time online jobs help to earn extra money.


There are many fake websites on the internet which does not give money after working. A fake website can take your personal information and then they can misuse it.

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Advantages of the INTERNET in Banking and Bill payments:

INTERNET made easy payments on any bill from home. We are not to wait in the office to pay the bill. From home, with a few clicks, we can easily pay bills anytime. Online bill payments save out important time and money.
Online banking system not only helps the bank owner but also helps us. By online banking system, we can track our balance and transactions. Online banking system helps us to send or receive money anytime, and quickly.

Disadvantages of the INTERNET in Banking and Bill Payments:

There is a security risk on online bill payments and online banking systems. Frauds can hack your bank account and steal your money. If anyone knows your bank account details can steal your money.

Advantages in Entertainment:

INTERNET is also full of entertainment materials. You can watch online movies, listen to music, and play online games for your entertainment. You can also download movies, songs, and games.
You can also find funny jokes, funny stories etc on the INTERNET.


A very important disadvantage of the internet is that children do not want to outdoors. They want to enjoy virtual games. As a result, the communication skills of children decrease. The relationship between the people's also decreases. The adult content of the internet is very harmful to all.

Disadvantages of the Internet

Internet of Things:

The Internet of Things(IoT) is the process or system which connects the various devices in the home through the internet.
A very important role of INTERNET for us is the Internet of Things(IoT). Internet of things helps us to control the devices from anywhere by the smartphones. Internet of things helps to perform the devices in our house automatically according to requirements.
local network system can be used for connecting devices in our house, office but in this system, we cannot control the devices from anywhere. 
Internet of Things solved this problem. Suppose you set up a Closed Circuit Television camera in your home, you can get the data of that camera anytime, from anywhere in your smartphone.

Disadvantages of the Internet of Things:

The Internet of Things also has important disadvantages. As in this system, all devices are connected through the internet so there is a risk of leakage of data. Your system may be hacked by the criminals.
Internet of Things Increases the unemployment problems. 

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 Advantages of the INTERNET in the Education system:

INTERNET made easy our education system. If you are a student, you can take online coaching from any teacher around the world. Just seating at home you can attend coaching. There are many platforms for coaching like YouTube.
If you are a teacher then you can teach a lot of students together around the world. 
We can get easily our exam results seating at home. We can easily do any form fillup of any institute. Nowadays Online Examination also very helpful for us.

Addressing and Map system:

You may have to use the google map for finding any place. The Map system is a very helpful feature for us. INTERNET made this system very easy. Using Google Map you can easily find the location of any place.

google map


INTERNET also helps us to make a good relationship. We can wish to our friends, family members for their birthday, marriage etc from anywhere around the world. 


So the INTERNET has many advantages and disadvantages. If we use it carefully then we will not face any problem.

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