Mobile Phone Advantages and Mobile Phone Disadvantages

Mobile Phone Advantages, advantages of mobile phone

Mobile Phone Advantages

The main advantages of Mobile Phones are noted in points such as,
  1. Verbal or Voice Communication
  2. Visual Communication
  3. Written Communication
  4. Listening Communication
  5. Accessing internet
  6. Entertainment
  7. Portable information storage
  8. Pocket Calculator and Measurement
  9. Time Management and Alarming
  10. Camera and Voice Recording
  11. Information Sharing
  12. A smart way of study and Learning
  13. Safety and Security
  14. Managing Finance
  15. Business and Marketing
  16. Socializing
  17. Research and Creativity
  18. Earning Money
  19. Online Shopping
  20. News and Events
  21. Time-saving and economical


The great advantage of a mobile phone is communication. A mobile phone allows you to communicate with any people from anywhere through voice calling, video calling, or chatting. Mobile phone helps to communicate wirelessly, so there is no need to connect a wire. Mobile phones transfer data through mobile towers located in our nearest places. There are different technologies for data transferring such as 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, etc.

Mobile phones especially smartphones allow you to transfer data free of cost, such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, etc. Although these are only for local area networks. Also, you can communicate by sending SMS(Short Message Service) and MMS(Multimedia Messaging Service). SMS allows you to send only words or characters whereas MMS allows you to send multimedia files such as photos, short videos, etc.

Access the Internet through mobile

Another great advantage of mobile phones is access to the Internet. Using a mobile phone you can read articles, and see photos, and videos, from the internet. Nowadays, you can get all the important information from the internet such as news, education, health, the universe, geography, and history. You know, so many people earn money from the Internet through their mobile phones sitting at their home. The Internet helps you connect with the whole world. You can communicate anywhere in the world. Nowadays, so many businesses are completely running with the help of the internet. The Internet helps you to shop online, watch new movies, etc.

Manage Finance with a Mobile Phone

You know, you can manage your whole finances using a mobile phone sitting at your home. You can check your bank account balance, transfer money, receive money, and pay regular bills such as electric, gas, water, EMI, etc. In fact, you can apply for a home loan, personal loan, or car loan through your mobile phone. Using a mobile phone, you can send money to other countries or receive international payments. Using a mobile phone you can invest your money in mutual funds, share markets, bitcoins, etc. You can earn money through mobile through online from earning apps, online, jobs, assignments, etc.

Business and Marketing

Mobile phones help a lot in business and marketing. Selling products, marketing of products, purchasing products, everything nowadays possible through smartphones. Different social media platforms and chat applications such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Reddit, etc help so much for an online business. Nowadays offline business and companies also make their dedicated websites to do marketing online, reach more countries, and expand businesses. Link sharing, and image sharing is the most popular way to increase the selling of product through online.


Using mobile phones you can listen to songs, watch movies, and videos, and play games for your personal entertainment. Not only you, but also you can share movies, and videos with your friends or relatives. Using a mobile phone through the internet you can play games with your friends sitting at your own homes. Using a mobile phone you can record your local videos, and incidents and share them with anyone. Using a mobile phone you can wish to your relatives for birthdays, celebrations, and festivals without contacting them face to face.

Time Management Using a Mobile Phone

A mobile phone, the cheap compact portable device can manage, save, and arrange your useful time and work. A brilliant feature of the mobile phone that is the calculator will help you to calculate anything from anywhere in a few seconds. The alarm feature of a mobile phone also helps us a lot with our work from time to time, early wake-up, etc. StopWatch is also a very important feature of a mobile phone that helps us for a workout, run, etc. There are a lot of writing applications such as Notepad and MS Office. So we can easily note down our important topics on a mobile phone. So no need to carry paper and a pencil or pen. It saves our time also.

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Mobile Phone Disadvantages, disadvantages of Mobile Phone

Mobile Phone Disadvantages

The main disadvantages of mobile phones are noted in points such as,
  1. Addiction
  2. Distraction
  3. Frauds and Cyber Crime
  4. Health Issues
  5. Time Wastes
  6. Laziness and affects self-potential
  7. Increase distance in a relationship
  8. Risk of Privacy and Abuse
  9. Loose Money
  10. Unusable Dependency

Mobile Addiction and Laziness

Addiction and Laziness are the main disadvantages of a mobile phone. People and children are so much addicted to mobile phones to watch movies, and videos, play games, etc. Online shopping, virtual games, and virtual entertainment make people lazy. The mobile phone makes people to addicted virtual entertainment, people do not wish to do physical work or play outdoor games, etc. Students spend their major time with mobile phones for playing games and watching movies. This causes a very loss in study. Mobile phones distract children or students from useful learning and study.

Cybercrime, Fraud, Risk of Privacy, Security Issues

Using mobile phones increases cybercrime, online fraud, abuses, kidnaps, etc. You know how much people lose their money on the internet or through mobile phones. Mobile phones increase the risk of privacy of people. People can lose their reputations due to security issues when using mobile phones. Mobile phone causes accident also. There are so many cases of hacking, stolen money, and property loss for using mobile phones. There are a lot of people who use their mobile phones while driving, walking on the road, or working at a height. Spending a lot of time with mobile phones causes different types of diseases, sleeping issues, health problems, etc. 

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