How Proximity Sensor makes our Mobile Phones Smart and Interesting?

proximity sensor mobile phone

Hey, today we are going to know how the proximity sensor makes our mobile phones more smart and interesting, what is the exact use of a proximity sensor in a smartphone. Our modern smartphones have many types of sensors, and the proximity sensor is one of them.

The main function of a proximity sensor is to detect the presence of the nearest object. Using this property, our modern smartphones give us many advanced and interesting features.

1. Our smartphones provide a very helpful and interesting feature which is, automatically turn off the display. When we receive a phone call and place our phone to near the ears, the display is automatically turned off. This is only possible for the proximity sensor.
When we place the phone near to our ear, it senses and gives the signal to the processor to turn off the display.
This feature helps us to avoid accidental touch during a phone call.

2. The proximity sensor also helps to automatically turn on the display when we remove the phone from our pocket. Here, we do not need to press any key to turn on the display before using it.

3. Proximity Sensor also helps with automatic volume control. Some smartphones have features that automatically volume increase and decrease based on how close or far your hand or ear is from the phone. This is a very helpful feature.

4. Proximity Sensor embedded phones have many gesture control features. For example, we can wake up our phones by waving in front of the sensor.

5. In the below figure, some gesture control features of a smartphone are shown. These features are possible in the presence of proximity sensors.

mobile gesture control

Here you can see, three features are shown.

1. We can pick up the call just by holding the phone near our ear. Here, we do not need to manually press the receive button.

2. Automatically switch from speaker to receiver when we hold the phone near our ear.

3. We can mute the incoming calls by flipping the phone. Here, we do not need to press the mute button.

Android and IOS both have an API for the proximity sensor. So we can use it in our custom program. We can write a program or make an Android or IOS app to control the proximity sensor more effectively and efficiently.

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