[BEST] Applications, Advantages, Disadvantages of IoT

Applications, Advantages, Disadvantages of IoT

Technology is getting better and smarter. The Internet of Things or IoT is a great technology that connects all the smart devices using the Internet. IoT has a lot of great applications even in the future, it will be a common word for all of us. IOT has some great advantages and some disadvantages also.
Let's know the Applications, Advantages, and Disadvantages of IoT.

Applications of the Internet of Things(IoT)

1.   Smart Grid

Actually, modern smart technology depends on Electricity. If you do not have electricity in your home then you don't use any smart technology. The IoT has a great application in the electrical grid. In simple words, an Electrical grid is an electrical transmission network.

In our existing electrical grid system IoT applications which not only can improve the efficiency, the reliability of the electrical grid it also improve the economics. IoT helps to the smart grid to operate automatically.

2. Smart Home Automation

IoT smarter the electrical grid, so electricity comes into our homes smartly with high efficiency. After the coming of electricity in our homes, IoT also helps us to use electricity smartly.

IoT can connect all the appliances in our home using the internet. IoT can connect lights, fans, computers, Air conditioners, and Refrigerators with each other, even it can connect all the appliances with our smartphones.

Light, fans will be turned On automatically when you reach your home, and they will be automatically off when you leave your home. Also, you can control your home appliances from anywhere with your smartphone. IoT gives all these facilities and many more.

3. IoT can help a city  to be Smart

IoT can help in traffic management, reduce pollution, security system of a city to become smart.

4. Driverless Car

A great application of IoT is the Driverless car which is going to be most popular in the future. The driverless car already exists today. IoT with artificial intelligence and Machine Learning helps to become smarter the driverless car.

5. IoT helps in Business

IoT helps in business in modern very much. First of all, it creates new business opportunities. There are a lot of companies opened recently that manufacture IoT devices. IoT can increase manufacturing speed, marketing, increasing efficiency in any type of industry.

Other Applications of IoT

        1. Smart Retail
        2. Smart health care system.
        3. Wearables
        4. Smart Transportation system
        5. Smart Technology in Agriculture
        6. Environmental Monitoring

Advantages of the Internet of Things(IoT)

1. The Internet helps us to communicate with people who live far away from us same, IoT helps electronic devices to communicate which are also placed at a large distance from each other. IoT not only helps to connect many devices together but it also helps to control those devices smartly.

2. IoT helps to reduce energy wastage. IoT helps in energy conservation. This is a very important advantage of IoT.

3. The connection of your smartphones with CCTV by the Internet is also an example of IoT. You can easily see what happened from anywhere on your mobile.

4. By using IoT technology, an Industry can save money and time and get better results.

5. IoT-controlled devices can perform many unimportant tasks that waste your time. So using IoT technology you can reduce wastage of time.

6. IoT helps to communicate between two machines where no need of humans, this increases efficiency. People can focus on other jobs.

Other advantages of IoT

         1. Reliability
         2. Cost-Effective
         3. Access information from anywhere
         4. Smart individual tracking

Disadvantages of the Internet of Things(IoT)

1. The Internet of Things(IoT) Fully depends upon the software and programming, so sometimes bugs in software create losses for you.

2. The IoT connects multiple devices which may be made of different technologies, so the network will be more complex and decrease efficiency.

3. As the IoT connects many devices together, so there is a security risk. Data encryption is must be needed in IoT technology. The security risk is a very remarkable disadvantage of IoT.

4. As multiple devices are connected in IoT, so compatibility is to be maintained.

5. There is a risk of data hacking in IoT technology which makes insecure the IoT technology.

Other Disadvantages of IoT

           1. Complexity
           2. Dependability
           3. Impact in Jobs
           4. Sometimes uneducated persons cannot take benefits of IoT technology.
           5. Addiction


There is no technology available which does not have any disadvantages. The Internet of Things(IoT) also has some disadvantages. But if we see the advantages of IoT, it can make our lives easier and relaxed. So need to fix errors, and continuously try to improve the technology which can reduce the disadvantages.

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