[BEST] Application and Uses of Logic Gates with Practical Examples

The important applications of Logic Gates in Digital Electronics are Flip-Flop circuits, registers, digital counters, Microprocessors, Microcontrollers, etc. There are many important uses of Logic Gates. In this article, you will find the practical applications and uses of Logic Gates with Examples.

Actually, you cannot read this article if Logic Gates are not discovered. All modern electronic devices use logic gates as their basic component. Most of the useful work behind an electronic device is performed by logic gates. Now you reading this article on your mobile, computer, or tablet. Logic Gates are continuously working to display the words of this article in front of you. Let's know the practical uses and applications of logic gates.

Applications of Different Types of Logic Gate

There are different types of Logic Gate are available such as AND gate, NOT gate, NAND Gate, OR gate, etc. Let's know the applications of those logic gates.

Application of AND Gate

The AND gate is used for data transmission control in digital electronics. AND gate allows or disallows the transmission of data through a channel. AND Gates are used in digital measuring instruments. AND gates are also used in alarm circuits.

Application of OR Gate

OR gates are used in automatic digital control circuits. There are many sensors are used to detect faults in an industry. The sensor creates a signal if any fault occurs. Then OR gates give command signals to the main processor for the shutdown. OR gates are used in Door Bell Switches.

Application and Uses of Logic Gates, application of OR gate

In the above diagram, you can see the OR gate is used for temperature and pressure detection circuits. When any one of the pressure and temperature crosses the limit, the sensor will create a signal that goes to the comparator. Then the comparator gives the signal to the OR gate. The OR gate will give a high signal to the microcontroller when any fault occurs. Then the microcontroller gives the shutdown command and the plant will be shut down.

Application of NAND Gate

There are many applications of NAND gate available. NAND gates are used in Alarm circuits using LDR, Freezer warning buzzer circuits, and automatic temperature control circuits.

Application of NOT Gate

The NOT gate is also called an inverter it inverts the input signal and gives the opposite signal in the output. NOT gates are used in CMOS inverters for generating waveforms. NOT gates are also used in temperature detector circuits.

Uses of Logic Gates with example

Logic gates are used in most of the digital components, ICs, devices, circuits, and devices. The important uses of Logic Gates are explained below.

Use of Logic gates in Microprocessor and Microcontroller

The basic fundamental component of any processor, microprocessor, and microcontroller is the logic gate. ALU, Registers, and memories in a processor are made of logic gates. We also know Flip flops are designed using logic gates which are used in any processor.

Use of Logic gates in IC

Most of the digital ICs use logic gates as fundamental components. Logic gates are used in analog ICs also. IC 555 has an RS flip-flop inside it. The RS flip-flop inside the IC555 is made of logic gates. Most of the digital driver ICs, and controller ICs have used logic gates inside them. Logic gates are used in disk read-write IC, Printer IC, etc.

Use of Logic Gates in our Daily Life

In the modern day, we cannot live without smartphones and also we use lots of digital devices, and gadgets in our daily life such as smartphones, digital watches, computers, digital stopwatches, calculators, etc. All of those devices use logic gates for their operation.

Use of Logic Gates in Control Circuit

Nowadays, Digital Control circuits come in the industry. Nowadays, all machines are controlled digitally. In digital control circuits, logic gates are used for creating commands. Basically, AND, OR, and NOT gates are mostly used in controlled circuits.

Digital Control circuits give the facilities to ON, OFF, and speed control of a machine by computer from the control rooms. This is possible for the logic gates.

These were the important applications and uses of Logic Gates.

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