Applications, Uses, Advantages, Disadvantages of RADAR

RADAR(Radio Detection And Ranging), RADAR Technology, RADAR system

The main applications of RADAR are to detect and determine the velocity, and angle of Motor Vehicles, airplanes, and ships. There is a huge application of RADAR technology in the military, medical industry, etc. So in this article, you will find a lot of RADAR uses and applications with detailed explanations. Here you also find the advantages and disadvantages of RADAR or "Radio Detection And Ranging" System.

Applications of RADAR

Here some RADAR applications are explained in detail.

Military RADAR System

Actually, first, the RADAR was developed for use in the Military. There is a huge application and use of Radar in the Military. The Radar technology is used in the military to detect and target the enemy aircraft and also locate the sea, ground, air, etc. Generally, RADAR is installed in military camps and fitted with military aircraft.
RADAR is also used in military ships to detect enemy ships and for navigation purposes. The military also uses RADAR technology to protect the ground borders.

Use of RADAR for Air Traffic Control

RADAR is installed in Airports to monitor Airplanes. Using RADAR technology, airplanes are guided from air traffic control rooms. The RADAR technology also helps to assist Aircraft landing, take off, etc.

The running airplanes also used RADAR to detect and navigate the other airplanes to avoid the accident.

RADAR is also used to indicate the other vehicle positions in the landing place at the airport.

RADAR Uses in Ground Traffic Control

Radar technology is not only used for air traffic control, it is also used for ground traffic control. Nowadays Radar is installed by traffic police to determine the speed of the vehicles. Automatic traffic signaling system also uses Radar technology. Modern Driverless Car also uses RADAR technology. RADAR is also used in the automatic toll tax system.

Medical Equipment

Radar technology used in some medical devices which are used to gather information about human body parts, to measure body movements, etc. Radar technology also used in automatic control devices and smart devices.

Application of Radar in Space

Radar technology is widely used in Space. For the detection of landing places on the moon, to detect satellites, and to monitor meteors, Radar is used in  Space.

Measurement and Detection

The main uses of Radar are the detection of the shape, distance, and angle of an object. Radar is a great technology that helps to measure the speed without any contact. Radar is also used to measurement of sea level. Radar is used for 3D mapping. For the measurement of wind direction, speed purpose Radar technology is used.


Radar technology is used for research purposes also. Researchers are using Radar to define the types of crops in a firm. They also use the Radar to know the composition of the earth's crust which helps in research purposes. Researchers use the Radar system to know the crystal structure changes in the earth which help to predict earthquake.

Home Automation and Sensing

Radar Technology is also used in Home Automation. Automated door opening and automatic light control systems can be established using RADAR.

Advantages of RADAR

1. The Radar system can be used in a stationary mode as well as moving mode.

2. The accuracy of the Radar system is very high.

3. The Radar system can be used in a very large area for measurement and detection purposes.

4. Using the Radar system, distance, angular position, speed, shape, etc can be measured together.

5. The Radar system can work through the insulating material. It is a great advantage of Radar.

6. A Radar system can detect and measure more than one object together and gives very accurate data.

7. The Radar system is very reliable.

Disadvantages Of RADAR

1. One of the important and noticeable disadvantages of RADAR is, that external interference reduces its efficiency, and accuracy.

2. The Radar system is very slow, it takes more time to detect an object.

3. The Radar system can identify the color of an object.

4. RADAR Technology cannot work underwater.

5. The Radar system is more complex and expensive.

6. The Radar system cannot work beyond the ionosphere.

RADAR, RADAR system, RADAR technology

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