[BEST] Applications, Advantages, Disadvantages of Bluetooth

applications of Bluetooth, Advantages, Disadvantages of Bluetooth

The main applications of Bluetooth are wireless communication, wireless data transferring between electronic devices, the wireless connection between computer peripheral, etc. There is a huge important application of Bluetooth technology. In this article, you will find a lot of important Bluetooth Applications. Here you also find the advantages and disadvantages of Bluetoothtechnology.

Application of Bluetooth

There are many important applications of Bluetooth technology available, in fact, Bluetooth starts wireless technology. The important applications are explained below.

Wireless Communication

Using Bluetooth, two electronic devices such as mobile phones can communicate with each other wirelessly. We also can communicate with other people easily using Bluetooth technology in a small range. Bluetooth can be used for temporary communication purpose in a small area.

Data Transferring

Bluetooth helps to transfer data wirelessly between two devices like mobiles, computers, laptops, etc. Real-time voice and data transmission can be possible using Bluetooth technology. Using Bluetooth, we can easily transfer multimedia data such as audio, picture, video files.

Computer Peripheral

Using Bluetooth technology, computer peripheral such as a mouse, keyboard, speaker, printer, etc can be connected with the computer wirelessly. It is more enjoyable to use wireless gamepad than a wearable gamepad when we playing a game on our computer. The wireless gamepad also uses Bluetooth technology.

Wireless Headset

Wireless Headset or wireless HeadPhones are very popular devices. Wireless Headset also uses Bluetooth technology for their operation. The wireless headset also has the facility to receive phone calls, volume control, etc.

Home Automation

Nowadays home automation becomes more popular. Home Automation is a very important and interesting application of Bluetooth. We can easily ON/OFF lights, fans at our home using our smartphones. Bluetooth also used in some devices for home automation such as smart voice assistant, portable wireless speaker, smart Bluetooth locks, etc.

Device Control

Bluetooth technology also helps to control a device by another device. For example, we can control our computer, for video playing, games playing, Slide control in PPT presentation by our mobile phones. Nowadays many applications come which enable those facilities on our phones and computer.

Other Bluetooth Applications

1. Bluetooth used in medical equipment, bar code scanners.

2. Bluetooth also used traffic control devices.

3. The Bluetooth Technology also used in Local Area Network(LAN) System.

4. Bluetooth technology also used in some measuring devices such as motion measuring devices.

5. Bluetooth technology can be used for data sharing. For example, you have activated a data pack in your mobile, you can share data with the computer or a laptop from the mobile to access the Internet.

Advantages of Bluetooth

The best advantages of Bluetooth Technology are given below.

1. The main advantage of Bluetooth is, it consumes very less power. The chip consisting transceiver which accessing Bluetooth required very less power.

2. Bluetooth technology is very economical.

3. Bluetooth is more secure than other wireless communication technologies because it requires only two steps authentication process. Most of the cases, Bluetooth uses point to point connection.

4. Bluetooth technology is more versatile than other wireless technologies.

5. Bluetooth gives the features to send voice and data simultaneously.

Disadvantages of Bluetooth

The disadvantages of Bluetooth technology are given below.

1. Bluetooth technology is very slower than other modern wireless technologies.

2. Very less no. of multiple devices can be connected using Bluetooth Technology.

3. The range of Bluetooth is also very small.

4.  The multimedia data transferring is very slow in Bluetooth technology.

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