MCCB Full Form | MCB and MCCB Difference

The Full Form of MCCB is Molded Case Circuit Breaker. MCCB is a Protective Device which is used to protect the electrical circuit from overload and short-circuit fault. MCCB also called as a circuit current interruption device because of it protect the circuit by interrupting the flow of current during overload fault or short circuit fault. You should know the difference between MCB and MCCB.

Difference Between MCB and MCCB

The main difference between MCB and MCCB is MCB is a low current rating device less than 100 A but MCCB is high current rating device up to 1000A.

Other differences,

1.Another important difference between MCCB and MCB is, the trip current can be adjusted in  MCCB but trip current cannot be adjusted in MCB.

2.MCB generally used in the household, the commercial and industrial purpose for low current protection whereas MCCB used in the commercial and industrial purpose for high current protection.

3.The cost of the MCB is low but the cost of MCCB is very high.

4. The size of the MCB is small but the size of the MCCB is big.

5.The Interrupting capacity of MCB about up to 10000A whereas the interrupting capacity of the MCCB from 10 KA to 100 KA 

6.MCCB can trip during the under voltage condition but MCB cannot trip in under voltage condition.

7.Modern MCCBs are have the alarm system but there is no alarm system in MCB.

8.MCB stands for Miniature Circuit Breaker whereas MCCB stands for Molded Case Circuit Breaker.

9. MCCB can be controlled remotely, that means using a tripping coil we can turn off from a remote place using a pilot circuit whereas MCB doesn't not have any function for remote controlling.

In the industrial purpose, MCB and MCCB both are may be used together. In the below figure you can see the diagram.

MCB and MCCB Difference, MCCB Full Form

As you see in the above figure, there are individual MCBs are connected for individual loads but they are all connected with the MCCB. The MCBs are carrying only the single load current but the MCCB carrying the total load current. If any MCB is failed to trip then the MCCB will trip and give the overall protection.

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