All Types of Electrical Transformer Symbol and Diagram

Different types of Transformer Symbols

Having a background in electrical engineering, you must know all types of electrical transformer symbols. A transformer is an electrical machine(called in electrical engineering) or passive component(called in electronics engineering) that transforms electrical energy from one circuit to another circuit with the help of Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction. In this article, we are going to see the symbol of transformer. 

Single Phase Transformer Symbol

Here, you can see the symbol of a single-phase transformer.

symbol of Single Phase Transformer

This symbol is used for single-line wiring diagrams. So, you must know this transformer's single-line diagram symbol. Here, the two circles indicate the two windings of the transformer. These two circles are overlapped to each other because it indicates they are wound on the same core and magnetically connected to each other. The upper and lower two lines indicate the primary and secondary winding terminals of the transformer.

Three-Phase Transformer Symbol

Here, you can see the symbol of a three-phase transformer.

symbol of three phase transformer

It is also almost the same as the single-phase transformer, just the difference is here, three lines on both sides that indicate the three-phase terminals of the transformer.

Iron Core Transformer Symbol

Based on the core material Transformer is classified into main three types. Iron Core Transformer is one of them. Here, you can see the symbol of Iron Core Transformer.

symbol of Iron Core Transformer

Ferrite Core Transformer Symbol

It also comes under the types of transformer classified based on the core material.

symbol of Ferrite Core Transformer

Air Core Transformer Symbol

Here, you can see the symbol of Air Core Transformer.

Air Core Transformer Symbol, symbol of Air Core Transformer

Variable Transformer Symbol

Variable Transformer is that where voltage can be varied either by providing tapings or changing the position of the transformer core.

symbol of Variable Transformer

Step Down Transformer Symbol

Here, you can see the symbol of step down transformer.

symbol of Step Down Transformer

The step-down transformer transfers the electrical energy by lowering the voltage and increasing the current. A step-down transformer has more turns in the primary winding than the secondary winding. So, you can see the turns difference between primary and secondary winding in its symbolic diagram.

Step-Up Transformer Symbol

The step Up transformer increases the voltage but decreases the current in its secondary side. Step Up transformer has fewer turns in primary winding than its secondary winding.

symbol of Step Up Transformer

Autotransformer Symbol

Here, you can see the symbol of autotransformer. An autotransformer has a single winding. Tapping is provided for the output power supply.

symbol of Autotransformer

IsolationTtransformer Symbol

Here, you can see the symbol of Isolation transformer. The isolation transformer is one where both primary and secondary winding have the same turns and they carry the same voltage also. The isolation transformer is used where proper isolation is required between two different power circuits.

symbol of Isolation Transformer

CT or Current Transformer Symbol

It is an instrument transformer. Current transformers are mainly used for measurement purposes, automation purposes, etc.

symbol of Current Transformer

PT or Potential Transformer Symbol

Here, you can see the symbol of potential transformer. It is also an instrument transformer and it is used for measurement and control systems.

symbol of Potential Transformer

Symbol of Voltage Transformer

The voltage transformer is used everywhere such as power transformer, distribution transformer, etc.

symbol of Voltage Transformer

AC Transformer Symbol

symbol of AC Transformer

Power Transformer Symbol

Power transformers are used in power-generating stations. The main function of the power transformer is to step up the voltage for high-voltage power transmission. Power transformers are generally, Star-Delta connected, which means they have star-connected winding on the primary side and delta-connected winding in the secondary winding. Here, you can see the symbol of power transformer.

symbol of power transformer

Distribution Transformer Symbol

Distribution transformers are used on the consumer end. The main function of the distribution transformer is to step down the voltage if required and distribute the electrical power with an electrical balance. Generally, distribution transformers are Delta-Star connected, but they may be Star-Star connected also. Here, you can see the symbol of Distribution Transformer.

symbol of distribution transformer

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