Star Topology Advantages and Disadvantages with Diagram

The main advantages of Star Topology are it is not affected by the addition or removal of new devices, and it can monitor the whole network due to centralized management. The main disadvantages of Star Topology are the dependency of the whole network on the single central hub and the connection of the new device depending on the central hub. In this article, you find a lot of Star Topology Advantages and Disadvantages with Diagram.

Advantages of Star Topology

1. All networking devices are connected to a central hub, so there is a requirement for fewer cables and ports than mesh topology.

2. If any one single networking device or computer fails, the total system will not be affected if it works properly.

3. It is very easy and simple to find the failure and troubleshooting in the network.

4. The addition of a new device or removing an existing device does not affect the whole network. And the adding or removing of a device is very simple and easy.

5. In this topology, the data packets do go through the various devices, the data packets only go from the sender to the receiver through the central hub.

6. Star Topology provides more security and privacy than Bus Topology and Ring Topology.

7. The installation of physical connection, installing software, and the administration process in Star Topology is simpler than in mesh and ring topology.

8. In this topology, there is no direct connection between the networking devices so the data stolen or hacking chance reduced.

9. As all data transmission is performed through the central hub, so the traffic and data monitoring of the whole system can be possible.

10. In this topology, a maximum of two links are used when data is transferred between two devices, so the speed of the data transmission is very although it also depends on the performance of the central hub.

Disadvantages of Star Topology

1. The whole system or network is dependent on the single central hub. So if there is any fault in the central hub will affect the total network system.

2. The adding or removing of a device is very simple but the central hub must be capable of handling the new device. So when multiple new devices are to be connected the central hub may be replaced by the high-capacity central hub(such as routers, and switches).

3. In mesh and ring topology, there is no need for a central hub or extra machine, but in a star topology, the central hub is needed. So the use of an additional device increases the cost of the system.

4. This topology requires more cables than the Bus topology.

5. It is more expensive than linear bus and ring topology.

Star Topology Diagram

Here you can see the diagram of Star Topology. You can see all the networking devices or computers are connected to a central hub which may be a router or switch.

Star Topology Diagram

The individual networking devices or computers that are connected to the central hub are called Hosts. When any device wants to send data to another device, the data is transmitted from the sender to the receiver through the central hub.

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