Ring Topology Advantages and Disadvantages with Diagram

The main advantages of Ring Topology are very high speed, reduced collisions, and no requirement for the network server. The main disadvantage of Ring Topology is the whole system depends on each computer, slower than a star topology. In this article, you will find a lot of  Ring Topology Advantages and Disadvantages with Diagram. In the ring topology, all devices are connected in such a manner that they create a circular closed data path. Ring Topology can be used for LAN and WAN. The network card used in each computer is also an important factor for using different networks.

Advantages of Ring Topology

1. As all the devices are connected in a circular data path, so there is no need for an additional network server to control the connectivity.

2. The Ring Topology can withstand high traffic loads and work efficiently under heavy loads.

3. In the Ring Topology, data flows in one direction only and each node passes the tokens if it is not intended to it. For this reason, the chances of packet collisions are reduced.

4. Ring topology can be used for long-distance communications with high efficiency.

5. The identification of faults and troubleshooting is easy and simple.

6. There is a requirement that cable is less than mesh topology.

7. Its performance does not decrease when the no. of additional nodes is increased.

8. All the connected networking devices or computers can access the resource equally as data flows through all devices.

9. Ring Topology is less costly than other topologies such as mesh topology, and hybrid topology because of less cable required than them.

10. Adding or removing a device does not affect the total bandwidth.

Disadvantages of Ring Topology

1. If a fault occurs at any point, the entire network will be affected it will stop working.

2. If any one device is failed then the entire network also be affected.

3. During the data transmission between two devices, the data packets flow through all the connected devices, for this reason, ring topology is slower than a star topology.

4. As the data flows through all devices, security, and privacy issues are noticed.

5. In Ring Topology, the administration process is complex and time-consuming.

Ring Topology Diagram

Here you can see the diagram of Ring Topology. You can see all the devices are connected in a circular way or in a closed loop. The entire network depends upon all connected devices.

Ring Topology Diagram

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