[BEST] Applications of Optical Fiber, Advantages and Types

Fiber Optical Cable, Optical Fiber applications, advantages, types

Hey, here you will find a lot of important applications of Optical Fiber. In this article, optical fiber applications, advantages, and types are explained. An optical fiber is nothing but a transparent fiber that is made using drawing glass or plastic.  A single optical fiber is slightly thicker than a human hair. Generally, the core of the optical fiber is surrounded by a layer of dielectric material.

Types of Optical Fiber

There are mainly two types of optical fiber based on the structure of the core.

1. Single Mode Optical Fiber
2.Multi-Mode Optical Fiber

Multi-Mode Optical Fiber is classified into two types,

1. Graded Index Multi-Mode Optical Fiber
2. Stepped Index Multi-Mode Optical Fiber

Classification of Optical Fiber based on material.

1.Glass Optical Fiber(generally, silicon dioxide is used)
2.Plastic Fiber Optical Fiber(PMMA-Co-Polymer or PMMA-Polystyrene is used)

Optical Fiber Applications

The main and important applications of optical fiber cables are explained below.

Data Transmission 

The main application of fiber optic cable is data transmission in the form of light. At first, the audio, and video signals are converted into electronic signals then the electronic signal is converted into light and transmitted through the optical fiber. At the receiver point again light is converted into an electronic signal.


Optical fiber has a big role in data transmission in the telecommunication system. Due to the lighter weight, very high speed, high bandwidth, and high accuracy, optical fiber is used in the telecommunication system.

Medical Industry 

Optical fiber is very thin in size, for this reason, it is widely used in the medical industry. Optical fiber can be easily inserted into the hollow space inside the human body. So for surgery, and microscopy purposes, optical fiber is used to transmit the LASER. In bronchoscopes and laparoscopes, optical fiber is used.

Military Communication 

Optical fiber cables are also used in the military communication system. Optical fiber provides high security, no electrical or magnetic interference, and a high signal quality which is why optical fiber gives many advantages in the military communication system. The military communication system uses SONAR technology, Hydrophones, etc where optical fiber cables are used.


In long-distance and high-speed communication systems, networking devices, and computers are connected through fiber optic cables. Our worldwide INTERNET connection also uses optical fiber cables to connect all devices across the world. The high-speed and worldwide INTERNET connection is available to us for the fiber optic cable.

Light Distribution 

Optical Fiber cable only works with light. So for light distribution purposes, optical fiber is used. For decoration purposes such as artificial Christmas trees, signs, lighting art, and logos, the optical fiber illumination system is used.


As the fiber optic cable has high data transmission speed and high bandwidth, so it is used for television broadcasting systems for video and audio signal transmission purposes in the form of light. There is also an important reason for using optical fiber in broadcasting which is the optical fiber is cheaper and lighter than copper wires.


Generally, LASER is used for inspection purposes in heavy engineering. For the inspection of damage in heavy machines, buildings, bridges, etc LASER is used. In these cases, optical fiber cables are used to carry the LASER lights.

Advantages of Optical Fiber

1. The data transmission speed using optical fiber cable is very very high because of the speed of the light is very high.

2. Any electrical and magnetic interference cannot affect the light, so there is no interference and distortion problem in data transmission through fiber optic cable.

3. An equal quantity of optical fiber is cheaper than copper or aluminum wires.

4. The fiber optics are very thin in size and very light in weight.

5. The fiber optic cable has a very high bandwidth so a huge amount of data or information can be transmitted through the optical fiber cable.

6. There is a very low loss occurring in optical fiber than copper or aluminum wire during data transmission.

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