[BEST] Applications and Uses of LASER

use and applications of LASER

There is a huge application of LASER in Civil Engineering, Medical Industry, Meteorology, Printing Technology, Security system, etc. So here you will find a lot of applications and uses of LASER with explanations. LASER stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.

LASER Applications

In modern days there is a huge application of LASER. Some important applications are explained below.

Electronic Communication

One of the most important applications of LASER is in Electronic Communication System. LASER is used as data transferring medium. Free Space Optical Communication or FSO communication is an example of the application of LASER in electronic communication.

Light Detection and Ranging(LIDAR)

In LIDAR technology applications LASER also used as the source of light because laser is very powerful and it can generate very pure light of one color.

Application of LASER in Medical Industry

In the medical industry, for Surgery purpose, kidney stone removing treatment purpose, hair removal treatment purpose LASER is used. Cancer treatment purpose LASER surgery is used.

Applications of LASER in Weapons

LASER Weapons can damage from a long distance. A LASER weapon called Dazzler can temporarily damage eyes or can cause temporary blindness. LASER is very helpful to aim or focus on the enemy very accurately.

Electronic Devices and Gadgets

Many electronic devices and gadgets use LASER. For example, light decorating devices, LASER printers, logo making machines, laser lighting displays, laser counters, missiles, etc all are uses LASER.


Here some important uses of LASER are explained below.

Uses of LASER in Civil Engineering

1. For the testing purpose of the strength of construction of a building, LASER is used.
2. LASER is used to find or detect internal cracks of a building.
3. LASER also used to detect bleeding in walls in multi constructions purposes.
4. It also used to find and measure cracks and the angle or radius of bend of over bridges.

Use of LASER in Tunnel Excavations

LASER beam is very powerful that is why it used for Tunnel or Underground Excavations. LASER can pulverize the rocks, in fact, it can turn the rock into gas. Modern Tunnel Machines uses LASER technology. 3D LASER scanners are used for the measurement purpose inside big tunnels.

LASER uses for Water Vaporization

LASER can emit a very high amount of heat energy that is why it also used for water vaporization purpose. The emission of heat energy from the LASER is depended upon the wavelength. When a very high powered LASER light is applied to water it will start to vaporize. The heat emission property of the LASER also can be used for burning of holes in a sheet of plastic or paper.

Use of LASER for Atom Cooling

LASER is used for the cooling purpose of the atom. In research purpose, this method is used. We know that atoms are constantly in motion. So the reduction of the motion of atoms is called atom cooling or cooling of atoms.

LASER consists photons, so if the LASER is applied to the atom then it absorbs photons from the LASER beam, therefore, the velocity of the atom will decrease.

LASER used for cutting of Hard Metals

LASER is very powerful. High power LASER beams can create very intense electric fields which can rip the atoms. For this reason, LASER is used for cutting of hard metals like diamonds.

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