CRO Application and Uses | Cathode Ray Oscilloscope

CRO Application and Uses, Uses and Application of CRO

The main applications of CRO are to observe the properties of electrical and electronic signals, oscillation distortion testing, the frequency response of signals, etc. The important uses of CRO are the measurement of voltage, current, frequency, etc. In this article, you will find a lot of CRO Applications and Uses with detailed explanations. CRO means Cathode Ray Oscilloscope.

Application of CRO

1. There are huge applications of CRO in Radio stations. It is true that our conventional CRO is not used in those radio stations but they are almost the same as our conventional CRO. The CROs are used in the radio station to observe the sending and receiving signal properties.

2. CRO helps to view the characteristics and properties of a signal which is why it also helps to control the analog signals.

3. The shape of voltage and current waveform can be observed by CRO which helps to make the necessary decisions in a radio station or communication station. 

4. CRO is used for research purposes. When scientists design a new circuit, they check the voltage, and current waveforms of each part of the circuit using the Cathode Ray Oscilloscope.

5. CRO is used with the resonance circuit to observe the bandwidth, wave shape, etc.

6. CRO is also used to observe the characteristics of Amplitude Modulation Circuits, Frequency Modulation Circuits, etc.

Use of CRO(Cathode Ray Oscilloscope)

Current Measurement: We can measure the value of current or magnitude and direction of current using CRO. By calculating the amplitude variation, horizontal and vertical cells in the CRO screen we can measure the current. We can measure both AC and DC in CRO.

Voltage Measurement: We can measure AC voltage as well as DC voltage in CRO. Here also the same procedure should be followed to measure the voltage that is calculating horizontal and vertical cells in the CRO screen.

Frequency Measurement: We not only measure voltage and current using CRO, but we can also measure the frequency of a signal by calculating the time period. Once we measure the time period of a signal then we can easily measure the frequency. The measurement of the time period using CRO is also very easy.

Phase Difference Measurement: Most of the CROs have two channels. We can apply two different signals at a time on the CRO. And we can measure easily the phase difference between the two different signals. Lissajous figures in the CRO screen help us to measure the phase difference between two signals. Using this method we can also measure the frequency of two signals at a time.

These were the applications and uses of CRO or Cathode Ray Oscilloscope.

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