[BEST] Applications, Advantages, Disadvantages of Differential Amplifier

The main application of Differential Amplifier is, it creates a difference between two input signals and then amplifies the differential signal. The main advantages of Differential Amplifier, it can eliminate noise present in the input signal, and linear in nature. The main disadvantage of the Differential Amplifier is, it rejects the common mode signal when operating.
Other Applications, Advantages, and Disadvantages of Differential Amplifier are given in below paragraphs.

Differential Amplifier, Differential Amplifier using OpAmp

As you see in the above figure, the circuit diagram of the differential amplifier using OpAmp is given. As you see, the amplifier circuit has two terminals for two input signals. When we apply two input signals of different voltages, then the differential amplifier first creates a difference between the two signal voltages and then amplifies the differential signal.

The circuit has a feedback resistor R3. Generally, R1, R2, and R3 are kept at the same value, which is why the gain of the amplifier is unity. The gain can be varied by changing the value of those resistors.

Differential Amplifier Applications

The important applications of Differential Amplifier are,

1. The main application of the differential amplifier is to amplify the balanced differential signal.
2.  Differential Amplifier circuits are used in the audio amplifier for accurate and noiseless volume control.
3.  In analog and digital data transmission systems differential amplifiers are used for noise cancellation.
4.  Differential Amplifiers are used for audio and video processing.
5. They are also used as an automatic gain control circuit.
6. These amplifiers are used for amplitude modulation.
7. This Amplifier circuit is also used as a negative feedback circuit.
8.  They are also used as an electronic switch.
9.   They are also used for motor control.
10. There are huge applications of Differential amplifiers in the control system.
11. These amplifier circuits are also used as a high-pass filter circuit.
12. Differential amplifiers are used in earlier days in analog computers.

Differential Amplifier Advantages

The great advantages of Differential Amplifier are,

1.      Differential Amplifier has noise cancellation property.
2.      Differential Amplifiers can reduce external interference.
3.      The nature of these amplifiers is linear.
4.      These amplifiers help to increase CMRR(Common Mode Rejection Ratio) which further helps to avoid unwanted signals.

Differential Amplifier Disadvantages

Some disadvantages of Differential Amplifier are,

1.      Complexity
2.      Proper biasing needed

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