Effects of Power Failure/Fluctuation on Home Appliances

Effects of Power Failure/Fluctuation on Home Appliances, Sensitive equipment, devices

We have several appliances, devices, and equipment for using our daily life. But you may notice or feel the effects of sudden power failure in your equipment or appliances. The effect of sudden power failure on sensitive equipment can stop our work, data loss, disturbance, etc. In this article, we are going to know how power failure can affect our sensitive equipment and how to protect or take precautions. The power sudden power failure or power fluctuation can cause voltage spikes, transient voltage, over-voltage, under-voltage faults, etc.

Disturbance and Data Loss

The best example of it is a computer. When you working on your computer and suddenly power fails, you will feel a very bad disturbance also your data will be loose from your previous work. Most of the time sudden power failure causes voltage fluctuation that can damage your computer. Power fluctuation can damage the internal circuitry, components of the computer.

Chances of Fire

It is mostly seen that power fluctuation or surge voltage causes a fire, sparking in electrical appliances. This can burn the internal coils, insulations, components, etc. Although branded products provide a very high level of safety. But for local products what is the solution. Fire in an electrical appliance can burn the whole room even the building. So it is very important to have a look at it. That is why most of people recommend purchasing branded products only that reduce the chances of this type of accident. So chances of fire due to power fluctuations will increase.

Insulation Failure

Power fluctuation or overvoltage can damage the insulation of your appliance, wire, etc. That will further cause short circuits, electrical shock, fire, etc. The strength of the insulator depends upon the applied voltage. If the voltage applied to an insulator is more than its capacity then the insulation will be broken down which means it will act as a conductor and it will start conducting current. So the insulating property will be damaged.

Reduce Life Span

Some branded products are there that are not affected more during the power fluctuation. But the continuous power fluctuation will decrease the life span of the product. Power fluctuation weakens their internal circuitry and components. For example, frequent power fluctuation can reduce the life span of your refrigerator or Air Conditioner Compressor. The compressor is a very vital part of an air conditioner or refrigerator and it is very costly also. So damaging a compressor makes a huge loss for you.

Effects on Performance

Some appliances, especially those with electric motors or heating elements, may experience diminished performance during power fluctuations. For this reason, an air conditioner may struggle to cool effectively or an electric oven may take longer to reach the desired temperature. Even, these appliances are highly affected by electrical power fluctuations and they may get damaged.

How to protect your equipment from power fluctuation?

1. The First and most important thing is, do not to buy local products that do not have any safety precautions, good insulation, or warranty.

2. Stop using or operating your appliances when you see low voltage or overvoltage. It can be seen easily by lights or bulbs in your house.

3. Try to adopt an Online UPS that will provide a continuous power supply to your appliances even when power failure or power fluctuation happens.

4. A stabilizer can be used to eliminate the Undervoltage and overvoltage problems. In fact, nowadays some electrical appliances come with an inbuilt voltage stabilizer. The voltage stabilizer always gives a constant output even the input voltage changes.

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