10+ Examples of Optical Devices and Instruments

Examples of Optical Device and Instruments

Common examples of Optical Devices and Instruments are,
  1. Camera
  2. Telescope
  3. CD/DVD Writer
  4. Fiber Optic Transmitter
  5. Fiber Optic Receiver
  6. Microscope
  7. Flashlight
  8. Image Scanner
  9. Photocopier
  10. Stroboscope
  11. Laser Cutter
  12. IR Remotes
  13. LIDAR transmitter
  14. LIDAR Receiver
  15. Computer Mouse
  16. Electronic Displays

Optical instruments are those that detect or process the key elements of a light wave such as photons to enhance an image for viewing or to analyze the key properties of an image. Optical instruments are mainly involved with measurement or analysis. On the other hand, the optical device is involved in all types of optical-related operations such as generation, detection, conversion, filtration, and many more.

So the optical instruments or devices use, manipulate, or measure the light source for their operation.

Optical instruments that are used for image enhancement are telescopes and Microscopes. The telescope is used to magnify a long-distance image. You can see the view up to a very long distance. For example, an object is located so far from you. By using a telescope, you can see all the details of that object very precisely. On the other hand, a microscope is used to magnify a very tiny that cannot be visible with bare eyes.

The optical instruments used for image analysis are,
  1. Photometer - that can measure the intensity of the light
  2. Polarimeter - it is used to measure the dispersion or rotation of polarized light
  3. Reflectometer - that helps to measure the reflectivity of a surface or object
  4. Autocollimator - it is used to measure the angular deflection of light.

Optical devices are very useful for data transmission, medical operation, data storage, etc.
A digital camera is an optical device or transducer that converts optical energy into an electronic signal.

The fiber-optic communication system is a very useful technology for transmitting data over a very long distance. It is built with different types of optical devices such as transmitters, receivers, and fiber optic cables. Basically, the digital data is converted into an optical signal and the transmitter helps to transmit the optical signal through a fiber optic cable. At the other end, the optical receiver receives or collects the optical signal from the optic cable. And the optical signal is again converted into a digital electronic signal. The main advantages of this optical communication are ultra-fast transmission, no external interference, low data loss, etc.

The computer optical mouse is an example of an optical device that uses light reflection properties for its operation. The conventional optical mouse has two major parts - a light transmitter and a light detector. It has a sharp red light-emitting diode as a light source and an array of photodiodes as a detector. The modern optical mouse has a tiny camera that takes almost 1500 pictures every second. The red light transmitted from the LED is reflected on the surface and bounces back to the surface of a Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor(CMOS) Sensor. The picture collection process is known as Digital Image Correlation. Latest all the mice are digital optical mice and they either use LED or LASER for light emission.

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