Electrical VS Electronic Devices Examples

Electrical VS Electronic Devices Examples

The common examples of electrical devices are electric heaters, vacuum cleaners, ceiling fans, table fans, Air Cooler s, mixer grinders, washing machines, geysers, incandescent lights, Refrigerators, fluorescent lights. 

On the other hand, the common examples of electronic devices are Mobile Phones, Television, CD, DVD player, computer, amplifiers, home theaters, watches, etc.

What are electrical devices?

Electrical devices are those which consume electrical energy to convert into another form of energy.

Most of the electrical devices used as our house appliances, kitchen appliances, bathroom appliances, or industrial devices. They work with a high voltage(230V AC, 440V AC, or even several thousand voltages). Also, most of the electrical devices are bigger in size than electronic devices.

What are Electronic Devices?

Electronic devices are those which deeply control or process the electrical energy to use the energy in a smart and efficient way rather than converting it into another form. Electronic devices works with low voltage, low current(DC Current) than electrical devices. Electronic devices consists more complex circuits.

Difference between Electrical Device and Electronic Device

1. The main difference between electrical devices and electronic devices are electrical device consumes electricity in a huge form than electronic devices. 

2. The other big difference is electrical devices mostly convert electrical energy into other energy it does not have deep control over electrical or processing. On the other hand, electronic devices give more effort to process or control the electrical energy or electric current rather than just converting it into another form of energy.

3. Electrical devices are mostly built with passive elements whereas electronic devices are mostly built with both active and passive elements.

4. Electrical devices are consist of simple electrical circuits and have large components while electronic devices are consist of complex electronic circuits and have small components.

5. The maintenance or repairing cost of the electrical devices is less but the maintenance or repairing cost of the electronic devices is more.

6. Even it ia very easy to find a fault in an electrical device but it is very difficult to find fault in electronic devices.

7. There is a very high possibility that an electronic device may be a part of large electrical devices but there is a very rare chances of an electrical device as a part of electronic device.

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