15+ Examples of Analog Devices and their Applications

example of analog device - analog wattmeter

Analog devices are those which work with continuous time-varying signals or analog signals. In other words, we can say analog devices need analog signals only as inputs for their operations and produce analog signals as their output. Anyway, in this article, we are going to know practical examples of analog devices and their applications.

Here, the examples of analog devices,
  1. LoudSpeaker
  2. Old CRT TV
  3. LandLine Telephones
  4. Audio Tape
  5. Old Photocopier
  6. Telautograph
  7. Analog Voltmeter
  8. Analog Ammeter
  9. Analog Wattmeter
  10. Ambulance Siren
  11. Analog Clock
  12. Ceiling Fan
  13. Analog Computer
  14. Audio Amplifier
  15. Thermostat
  16. Strain Gauge
  17. Antenna


A loudspeaker is the best example of an analog device. It is a device that converts electrical energy into sound energy. A loudspeaker is generally used to increase the voice so that can transmit over a long distance or a crowded place.


Old CRT(Cathode Ray Tube) Televisions also work with analog signals. They are used to display information in visual forms such as video, movie, or any presentation.

Land Line Telephone

A landline telephone is used for verbal communication over a long distance. It also transmits voice signals or data through analog signals only.

Audio Tape

Audio Tape is used for voice recording and playing. It also takes the voice input as analog signals and gives output in analog signals.

Audio Amplifier

Basically, an audio signal is an analog signal. The main function of an audio amplifier is to amplify or increase the magnitude of the audio signal. So it is also an analog device.


The thermostat is basically a transducer that converts temperature into an electrical signal. It is also an analog device because it produces analog signals according to the temperature variations around it.

Strain Gauge

The strain gauge is a pressure transducer. It produces an electrical analog signal according to the variations in pressure applied to it. As it produces an analog signal, so it can be called as an example of Analog Device.


The antenna is also one of the best devices among the analog devices examples. It transmits the analog signal from one circuit to another circuit over a long distance wirelessly through the radio frequency signals.

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