15+ Examples of Digital Devices and their Applications

Digital Devices are those which work with the pulse signal or switching signals or digital signal. Digital devices need digital signals as their input for operation and produce a digital signal as their output. Digital devices are highly efficient and compact designed. Anyway, in this article, we are going to know the practical examples of Digital Devices and their applications.

Here, the examples of Digital Devices,
  1. LED TV
  2. Computer Keyboard
  3. Digital Clock
  4. Proximity Switch
  5. Limit Switch
  6. Solenoid
  7. Logic Gates
  8. Microprocessor
  9. Radom Acess Memory(RAM)
  10. Solid State Drive(SSD)
  11. Microcontroller
  12. Photodiode
  13. Relay Contact
  14. TV Remote
  15. Digital Camera
  16. Stop Watch


example of digital device - LED TV

LED TV, Monitors, and Displays are examples of Digital Devices. They all work with digital signals. The main function of those is to display information or data in visual form.

Computer Keyboard

A computer keyboard is also a digital device. When we press keys on the keyboard it sends signals to the computer in form of binary signals or digital signals.

Digital Clock and Stop Watch

Digital Clock and StopWatch are also examples of digital devices.

Proximity Switch

A proximity switch is also a digital device because it generates a pulse or discrete signal. That means either the voltage is high or low. Generally, proximity switch switches have a sender and a receiver. So, when no object between them signal can pass from sender to receiver but if there is an object signal cannot pass from sender to receiver.


A solenoid is basically an actuator. It is operated with a switching signal. When the voltage across it is high, it will actuate and when the voltage across it is low, it will be in off condition.

Logic Gates

Logic gates are also digital components. In fact, they are fundamentals of digital circuits. They work with binary concepts.

Microprocessor and Microcontroller

Microprocessors and microcontrollers are also digital electronic programmable devices. They work with digital signals only.

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