Examples of Electronic Devices used in Daily Life

Here, is the list of electronic devices used in daily life,
  1. Mobile Phone
  2. Computer/Laptop
  3. Tablets/iPads
  4. Electronic Watch
  5. Bluetooth Speaker
  6. Digital Camera
  7. Television/TV
  8. Music Player
  9. Game Console
  10. Electronic Toys
  11. Electronic Bell
  12. USB Lights
  13. Amplifier

Electronic devices are those which perform some valuable works with the help of electrical energy. The main differences between electrical devices and electronic devices are, that electronic devices are smaller and more compact in size than electrical devices and they work with very low voltage and low current(in most DC power supplies). In our modern life, we are surrounded by so many electronic devices and gadgets. In fact, the largest part of our daily work is done by electronic devices. In the above section we have given a list of 10+ examples of electronic devices, now let's have a little discussion about them.

examples of electronic devices

Mobile Phone

The mobile phone is a very useful electronic device and almost all of us use it in our daily life. The main purpose of using of mobile phone was communication but nowadays using a smartphone we can do various complex and time-consuming work very easily. For example, calculations, notes, alarms, and many more. The modern smartphone is used for various purposes from useful work to entertainment and internet surfing. Mobile phone is built with so many electronic components, circuits, and devices. A mobile phone is considered as an electronic device because it operates with low electrical power(generally 5V DC).


The computer is also a very important and useful electronic device that is used in our daily lives. From education to business there are so many useful works we can do very easily using a computer. For example, if you want to learn something from the internet, just open a browser on your computer and then type your queries and you will get plenty of results and answers in front of you. A computer or laptop is a device that connects you all over the world.

Bluetooth Speaker

A Bluetooth speaker is a wireless device that is used to listen to music. You can connect a Bluetooth speaker to your mobile or TV or computer without any physical wire. Just connect it by turning on the Bluetooth feature on both of the devices and then enjoy your favorite music. Nowadays Bluetooth speakers come in various sizes and shapes. The wireless headphone or earphone is also an example of a Bluetooth speaker.

Digital Camera

A digital camera is also an example of electronic device. Most of us like to capture our daily memories in the form of photos. Nowadays digital camera comes with enabled with a smartphone so you don't need to purchase an additional camera. Just take your smartphone and capture your daily sweet memories, nature, and whatever you like.

Music Player

Another important example of an electronic device is a Music player. Basically, a music player creates electronic signals to operate the speaker as the audio file provided to it through DVD, memory card, or any other method.

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