Examples of Portable Electronic Devices(PED) and Their Use

Portable Electronic Devices(PED) Examples

Here is the list of common examples of portable electronic devices(PEDs),
  • Mobile Phones
  • Laptops
  • Radios
  • Camera
  • Watches
  • Audio Recorder
  • Drones
  • Electronic Toys
  • Music Player
  • Power Bank
  • E-Reader
  • Electronic Cigarettes
  • Paging Devices

What is a Portable Electronic Device?

Portable Electronic Devices or PEDs are those operated by electrical energy and can be ported or moved from one place to another place without affecting their operation or function. Generally, most of the portable devices are battery-operated which means they take an electrical power supply from the battery. The battery may be rechargeable or non-rechargeable. Non-rechargeable batteries are to be thrown out once they are discharged. This type of device does not have any charging circuit so the cost of those devices is very less. But the devices that consist of chargeable batteries have a charging circuit or an additional charger required to charge the battery. So the overall cost of those devices is high. Some portable device uses other sources of electrical energy such as solar energy.

PED Application and Uses

PEDs used for Household Applications

There are a lot of portable electronic devices we use for household purposes such as clocks, hand-drilling machines, cordless vacuum cleaners, cordless cutters, electric salt, and paper mills, handheld mixer grinders, torch lights, rechargeable fans, radios, etc. These are included with kitchen appliances and daily life use. Portable devices are very helpful for operating, have high safety from electrical shock, no interruption from utility power failure, etc.

Portable Multimedia Electronic Devices

This includes smartphones, laptops, tablets, satellite phones, iPods, and many more. These devices help us to communicate, entertain, learn, and work with freedom and flexibility. For example, you can use your smartphone while you walking, sitting, or even lying. In fact, nowadays most of our work and self-requirements can be done with these multimedia devices.

Portable Devices for Personal Grooming

Hair Trimmers, Electronic toothbrushes, electric shavers, and wristwatches, are the devices that are used for our personal grooming.

Types of Portable Electronic Devices

  • Hand-Driven Electronic Tools
  • Power Storage Devices such as Power banks
  • Data Storage Devices such as Hard Disks, Compact Discs
  • Recording Devices such as cameras, audio recorder
  • Network Devices such as Hotspot Routers, Bluetooth Headsets
  • Communication Devices such as Mobile Phones
  • Gaming Devices such as Electronic Toys, Video Game Player
  • Data Processing and Calculating Devices such as Calculators, Phones, Laptops

So, you may understand almost all the fields have portable devices for their so many advantages such as being lightweight, self-contained, easily carried, etc. Also, remember that there are some rules and regulations for carrying portable devices in different places, organizations, locations, and travel partners. So before you carry your devices while out from your home aware of the rules and regulations. Generally, airlines are more strict about carrying electronic devices. They instructed which devices you can carry in your handbag and which devices you can carry in your luggage.

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Examples of Portable Electronic Devices(PED)

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