Examples of Processing Devices and Their Use

Some common examples of processing devices are,
  • Microprocessor
  • Microcontroller
  • Computer CPU
  • Smartphone CPU
  • Random Acess Memory(RAM)
  • Graphics Processing Unit(GPU)
  • Sound Card
  • Video Card
  • Calculator
  • Remote Terminal Unit(RTU)
  • Programmable Logic Controller(PLC) Panel
  • Network Hub

Processing devices are those which consist of processors that process data by interpreting and manipulating it. Or simple words we can say a processing device can process electronic data signals in a complex way. Most of the processing devices are built with digital circuits and semiconductor components. So they cannot process an analog signal. So the system or device that has the input signal in the analog form first needs to convert it into a digital signal and after processing it can be converted into an analog signal again.

A processing device can be designed to perform a single specific task or multiple tasks. RAM, Sound Card, and Video Cards do a specific task but a microprocessor or microcontroller can be used for multiple tasks. 

A processor is a logical circuit built in the form of an integrated circuit within a semiconductor chip. A processor mainly processes data through its arithmetic and logical operations. If we take an example of a very simple processing device that is a calculator, we will see it mainly does arithmetic operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. First of all, we need to give the input by typing on the keyboard of the calculator. After that, it will automatically process and show the output in its display. Similarly, there are some devices such as,
  • Video Game Console
  • Voice Changer
  • Mini Electronic Guitar

The main component or part of a processing device is a processor and the processor has main important parts such as ALU(arithmetic and logic unit), Registers, and Primary Memory. Actually, the main program or instruction is already stored on the primary memory of the CPU which will instruct the CPU how to process. So when we provide input to the CPU, it first fetches the preloaded instruction from the memory and processes according to this instruction. For example, we give two numbers and want to add them. The processor first decodes the preloaded instruction and understands how to add two numbers, then it will add our number and give the final result.

A single processor can be called a processing device and a processor with some embedded input and output circuit is also called a processing device. For example, a microcontroller is a processing device that not only has a processor but it has some additional input and output circuits such as an Analog to Digital Converter(ADC) or Digital to Analog Converter(DAC). The ADC will help to convert the analog signal into a digital signal before sending it to the processor and the DAC will help to convert the digital signal into an analog signal before providing the final output. There are different types of processors according to their core such as quad-core processors, octa-core processors, etc.

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Examples of Processing Devices

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