20+ Examples of Display Devices

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Here is the list of examples of display devices,
  1. CRT TV
  2. CRT Monitor
  3. LCD(Liquid Crystal Display)
  4. LCD Projector
  5. Touch Screen
  6. Flat Panel Display
  7. Plasma TV
  8. Smart TV
  9. Computer Monitor
  10. HDTV
  11. LED Projector
  12. Calculator Display
  13. Mobile Phone Display
  14. Tactile Electronic Display
  15. OLED Display
  16. AMOLED Display
  17. Quantum Dot Display(QLED)
  18. Medical Monitors
  19. Video Walls
  20. Broadcast Reference Monitor
  21. Electronic Paper

What are Display Devices?

A display device is a type of electrical or electronic device that can be used to view images, video, or text.  Display devices are a type of electronic device that also can be called as output devices that are used for the presentation of information in visual form or tactile form. For example. An LED display can present the information in visual form. On the other hand, tactile electronic displays can present information in tactile form. Information needs to be present in tactile form for those people who cannot see means, blind people.

Electronic Displays

Electronic Displays are those that receive the electronic signals that contain information and present it in visual form so humans can read the information. Electronic displays come in different forms such as segment displays, dimensional displays, etc. 

Segment displays can not present a wide range of information. Segment displays are used in digital watches, old calculator displays, etc. Also, you will see the segment displays are present only digits or alphanumeric characters. The segment displays are mainly built with LEDs or Liquid Crystals. segment displays come in different types,
  1. Seven Segment Display
  2. Fourteen Segment Display
  3. Sixteen Segment Display

Dimensional Displays

The most usable 2-dimensional displays can present the video information. Generally, they come in rectangular sizes and have thousands of pixels built with LEDs or Liquid Crystal, or other types of technologies. Dimensional displays can present a wide range of information. Most of the multimedia devices use dimensional displays. A simple LED display is an example of a dimensional display.

Tactile Displays

The tactile displays are electromechanical devices. They dynamically present the information in the tactile form so that blind people can read the information by felting it with their fingers.

CRT Display

CRT means Cathode Ray Tube. Here, the output is generated using an electron beam.

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