What is Panel Board in Electrical?

Panel Board in Electrical, electrical panel board

The electrical panel board is a place where the electrical power is received, controlled, monitored, switched, and distributed. The electrical panel board is designed in such a way that we can control the electrical loads or electrical from a particular place safely. Electrical panels consist of so many circuits, switches, feeders, indication lights, protective devices, etc. A good panel board should be designed as it has the following features,
  1. Should be compact in size as much as possible
  2. Easy to control all the components or devices
  3. It must have the connection points to connect to the ground or earth.
  4. It should ensure high electrical safety
  5. Indications should be proper and clearly visible
  6. Easy to maintenance or repairing

Examples of Panel Board

Common examples of electrical panel boards are MCB Box, Switch Gear panels, Low Voltage Panels, Motor Control Panels, Electrical power distribution panels, etc.

Electrical Power Distribution Panel

An electrical power distribution panel is one from where electrical power is distributed to different loads. Generally, it has a circuit breaker as a main incoming breaker and a main switch. The output of this breaker is connected to the feeder or busbar from where all the individual switches or breakers get power supply. The individual breakers or switches are connected to individual output loads, so we can turn on or turn off the loads individually when it is required. 

A high-current rating circuit breaker is used as the main incoming breaker while low-current circuit breakers are used as outgoing breakers. For example, for a low-voltage distribution panel, an MCCB is used as the incoming breakers while MCBs are used as the outgoing breakers. On the other hand, in a medium voltage panel, the Air Circuit Breaker is used as the main incoming breaker while MCCBs or Molded Case Circuit Breakers are used as outgoing breakers.

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