What is Breaker Switch? Uses, Applications

what is breaker switch

When a circuit breaker is used as a switch or a switch is built with a circuit breaker then it can be called Breaker Switch. So the breaker is the combination of the switch and circuit breaker. Individually, there is a big difference between a circuit breaker and a normal switch. A normal switch is a device that basically connects or disconnects a circuit to switch or on/off the electrical power from a source to load. The electrical switch can be operated manually by hand or electrically by motorized or electromechanical or any electromagnetic arrangement.

On the other hand, a circuit breaker is a safety or protective device that protects the electrical circuits, devices, even humans by turning off the power supply automatically. So, a circuit breaker is a device that can be turned off or turned on manually when needed and it will be turned off automatically when an electrical fault occurs.

Generally, the circuit breaker is used in an electrical circuit with the aim of protecting that electrical circuit but it can be used as a switch also simultaneously. So, in the normal condition, we can use the circuit breaker as a switch to turn off and turn on manually. In addition, the circuit breaker will provide protection also.

Actually, the breaker switch for a particular application is designed by eliminating the disadvantages of a circuit breaker and a switch. For example, some circuit breakers are there that can not be turned off or turned on easily, even there is risk-off safety. While the switch can be operated easily but it cannot provide protection. So the breaker switch is designed in such a way that it can be operated very easily(by the means of smoothly and frequently) and also it will give the protection. When we use a circuit breaker as switch, we does not need to install any extra switch.

Use and Applications

1. Motor Control Circuits

2. Heater Control

3. Heavy Machinery Control

4. Light Control

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