What is Transformer Isolator? How it Works?

A transformer Isolator is an isolator that is used to isolate the transformer from the line or connect the transformer to the line. The isolator is an open projected device that works as a switch to connect or disconnect a line. We can see visually the contacts or line is disconnected or connected. The transformer isolator is mainly used in substations. The transformer isolator may be connected either to the incoming side or to the outgoing side of the transformer. In most of the cases, in the distribution transformer, the transformer isolator is connected to the incoming side.

Transformer isolator

Here, you can see the diagram of a pole-mounted substation where the incoming of the distribution transformer is connected to the isolator. So, when the isolator is turned off the transformer will disconnect or isolate from the incoming power lines. The isolator has three separate contacts for three-phase lines. But all the contacts will operate simultaneously. When the isolator is operated with the handle, all the three contacts will open or close at the same time.

The transformer isolators are designed with power handling capacity, current ratings, voltage rating contact positions, operating types, number of phases, frequency, etc. Even nowadays, motorized isolator comes into the market. So, there is no need to operate manually from standing near the isolator. Those motorized isolators can be operated remotely by computers or electrical switches. This provides more safety to the operator.

An efficient isolator has the following characteristics,
  • High Operating Reliability
  • Easy to maintenance
  • Easy to inspection
  • User Friendly
  • High efficiency
  • Smooth operation and contacts
  • Provides better electrical safety for operating

Manually operated isolators are need trained and expert technicians and have to follow strong safety or precautions. While the motorized isolators do not need highly skilled or trained persons.

So, the transformer isolator is basically a switching device that confirms or ensure the connection or disconnection visually. But it is not a protective device that means it cannot sense any fault or operates when an electric fault occurs. Of course, in the automated power system if the motorized Isolators are connected to fault sensing devices and programmed in such a way that it will operate when there is any fault in the system, this may possible.

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