Advantages of Electrical Braking over Mechanical Braking

advantages of electrical braking

The main advantages of electrical braking are,
  1. Easy and precise braking
  2. Adjustable braking torque
  3. Remote controlling
  4. Easy and compact installation
  5. Both instant and time-dependent operation features
  6. Smooth, fast, reliable, and cheap
  7. Very low energy loss
  8. Very less heat production
  9. Low breakdown and maintenance cost
  10. Reverse power generation during braking
  11. Less additional equipment required
  12. Outstanding safety environment

The electrical braking systems with machines operated by electrical motors or electrical vehicles. There are a lot of people searching for an alternative to mechanical braking. Because it has so many disadvantages and limitations. So the electrical braking system can be a good alternative to mechanical braking. In fact, the modern era is completely going to shift to electrical braking from a mechanical braking system.

Here, we are going to discuss the advantages of electrical braking over mechanical braking in a detailed explanation.

Easy and Precise Control

An electrical braking system is very easy to control as it built electrical components, circuits, switches, and even displays. An electrical braking system uses electrical power to control its equipment, and we know that the controlling, transmitting, and distributing of electrical power is very easy. Just by pressing a small switch, we can control the brake. Even a digital touch display can be used for operation. As the electrical equipment is very easy to control, so the electrical braking system provides very precise control over complex operations and designs.

Adjustable Braking Torque

In most of the cases, electrical braking is obtained by controlling the motor. As we know that it is very easy to control the torque and speed of a motor electrically, so the electrical braking system also provides the adjustable torque feature. This feature helps a lot from damaging the system and provides a very smooth operation. We can adjust torque according to different places and situations. For example on a straight highway and hill stations, different torque is required. Even different torque is required for different speeds and loads.

Remote Controlling

As the electrical braking system uses electrical energy so anything is possible. We can operate the braking system remotely also with programmable devices. Even this system will help the user to set the torque or take the next step as per the current speed. The modern braking system uses digital displays where the user will get all the useful data and instructions. Where in the mechanical Braking system, we need so many complex arrangement for remote controlling, there the electric Braking can be controlled remotely by just laying an electric wire.

Easy and Compact Installation

The mechanical braking system is built with so many big equipments, devices, and arrangements such as brake shoes, air drums, etc. But the electrical braking system is very compact, it is done with an electrical motor then there are no requirements for additional equipment that is why it is easy to install. We just need an electric wire to connect the motor to the controller and we can easily control the motor and Braking system.

Low Energy Loss and Heat Production

Mechanical braking system uses so many physics concepts such as inertia, force, pressure, etc so the energy loss and heat production are much more and it makes the system unhealthy and a safety hazard. On the other hand, an electrical braking system causes a very low energy loss and heat production that making the system healthy, long lasting, and safe.

Low Breakdown and Maintenance Cost

As the electrical braking system has very minimum equipment and devices so the maintenance cost is also very low. Te breakdown possibilities are also very low than a mechanical braking system. When the mechanical braking system got breakdown it takes a long time to repair but the electrical braking system is very easy to take over from the breakdown in a short time.

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