Why Servo Motor is Most suitable for Robotics Applications?

Servo Motor Robotics

In robotics applications, the most usable motor is the Servo Motor. Stepper motors are also used in robotics applications but servo motors are widely used because of their good speed and torque characteristics. In this article, we are going to know why the servo motor is most suitable for robotics applications.

In a Robot or any robotics product, very precise motor speed control is needed. Generally, in such applications, angle precise rotation is needed.

Suppose, a motor is connected in a robot for movement of its arms or hands. So if the motor is rotating more than the requirement, the robot cannot work properly.

The Servo motor always works in a closed-loop system. A regular motor(AC or DC motor) always rotate in 360 degrees but a servo motor can rotate from 0 to 180 degree.

By applying the PWM signals we can control the direction and degree of the rotation of the motor. Here in the below figure, you can see how we can control the degree of the rotation of the motor by increasing or decreasing the width or duty cycle of the pulse.

Servo motor control

Here you can see in the above figure, that with increasing the width of the input pulse, the rotational angle also increases but remember it does not exceed 180 degrees.

Servo Motor has the following characteristics for which it is most suitable for robotic applications,

1. It can provide very high torque.

2. High-speed operation is possible.

3. It can drive heavy loads also.

4. It shows very good performance during the frequent ON/OFF operation.

5. The servo motor has a feedback system and works in a closed-loop system which is why it can be controlled very accurately and precisely.

6. The servo motor is very light in weight and smaller in size which is why it can be installed in any small place easily.

Robots or any robotic device are designed in such a way that they must be able to do different types of tasks. For example, a robot is designed to move an object from one place to another place. So in this case, accurate direction, speed, rotation, and enough torque are needed. We can fulfill those requirements using stepper motors in a robot.

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