Servo Motor Applications, Advantages, Disadvantages

Servo Motor

There is a huge application of Servo Motor in electrical, electronics and technology. Nowadays, the uses of Servo Motor increasing. In this article, you will find a lot of useful and important servo motor applications and uses. You also find the advantages and disadvantages of Servo Motor.

The term 'Servo' implies that a motor works on a closed-loop system. A servo motor has mainly three parts i.e. controlled device, output sensor, and Feedback system. Servo motor always works with a closed-loop system.

Servo Motor Applications

Servo Motors are used in various fields which are explained below.

Use of Servo Motor in Various Tools

In various electronic or electrical tools especially battery operated tools such as mini electronic drill machine, electronic screwdriver, packaging tools, cutting tools Servo Motor is used.

Automation Technology

There is a huge application of servo motor in automation technology. Servo Motor has very smooth and frequently on/off characteristics that is why it is used in the industrial purpose for automation systems. Robotic Arms, auto align parts, uses servo motors.

Robotics Technology

In robotics applications, very smooth and very fast frequently on/off characteristics of a motor is preferred or required. As the servo motor fulfill this requirement, it used in robotics applications. Servo motor can provide high speed and high torque which also helps in robotics.

Drones and Toys

Most of the cases, the stepper motor is used in drones but for large and very heavy drones, servo motors are used because servo motor can work with a heavy load but stepper motor cannot. Servo Motors are also used in costly kid's toys such as remote-controlled helicopters, cars, etc.

Electronic Devices

Servo Motors are used in various electronic devices such as DVD players, movable cameras, movable lights, printers, position adjuster, etc. 

High End Technologies and Hi-Tech Machineries

Servo motors are used in high technologies such as IoT devices, artificial intelligence products, satellites, rockets, etc. Servo Motors are also used in Hi-Tech machinery such as 3D printers, CNC machines, Film Cameras, Hydraulic Machines, Electronic manufacturing service machines, automated manufacturing machines, etc.

Servo Motor Advantages

The important advantages of the stepper motor are,

1. Servo Motor provides High Speed, High Torque and smooth running.

2. Servo Motor can work with the bulk size of loads. It helps so much to rotate an object precisely with proper angular rotation.

3. Very smooth speed control and frequently on/off is possible. Also, it provides precise controlling.

4. Compact in size that is why it can be placed at any location easily.

Servo Motor Disadvantages

1. For high-frequency applications, the rotation of the servo motor lags behind the given command pulses, so for high-frequency application, precision control of rotation cannot be obtained from the servo motor.

2. Servo motor creates a lot of vibration during operation. And the controlling of servo motor is very complex.

3. The cost of a servo motor is very high for this reason it cannot be used in low-cost devices.

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