[BEST] Applications, Advantages, Types of Stepper Motor

Stepper Motor, Stepper Motor application, advantages, types

Stepper Motor Uses, Advantages, Disadvantages

The main application of Stepper Motor is, that it is used in electronic devices and digitally controlled systems. Stepper motors are used where frequently ON/OFF is needed.

In Modern days the use of Stepper Motors is increasing very fast. These are the special types of motors that are designed to run with Pulse Signals. Stepper motors are run with the pulse signal which means they can be ON/OFF very quickly without any damage.

Normal DC and AC motors cannot run with the Pulse signal because they need some time to reach full speed. They will vibrate and may be damaged if a Pulse signal is given. A stepper motor can catch instantly at full speed.

The important applications of Stepper Motors are,

Stepper Motor Applications:

(1) Stepper motors are used in digitally controlled systems.

(2) Stepper Motors are used in 3D Printing machines.

(3) Stepper motors are used in modern Digital Photocopier Machines.

(4) In Intelligent Lights Stepper motors are used.

(5) The stepper motor has a very important application in Plotter Machines such as X-Y Plotters.

(6) In Floppy Disk drives Stepper Motors are used.

(7) There is a very important application of Stepper Motors in Unmanned Aerial Vehicle or Drone. Because here the motors are to be run with the pulse signals for speed control, direction, etc.

Stepper Motor Applications

(8) Goniometers use Stepper Motors for their operation.

(9) There are huge applications of Stepper Motors in Robotics technology.

(10) Stepper motors are used with Lenses in Modern Cameras.

(11) Stepper Motors are used in Compact Disk drives.

(12) Stepper Motors are used in CNC machines.

(13) The applications of Stepper Motors also increasing in the Medical Industry. In Digital dental photography machines, Blood analysis machines and stepper motors are used.

(14) In textile machines, stepper motors are used.

(15) In Spectographs Stepper Motors are used.

(16) In automated Sensing devices, Stepper motors are used.

(17) Stepper Motors are used in Wheel Spinners, Card Shufflers, etc.

Advantages of Stepper Motor:

(1) The speed control of the Stepper motor is very easy and can be run at a very low speed.

(2) The stepper motor can catch full torque instantly after starting.

(3) The starting and braking of Stepper Motor are very fast.

(4) The stepper motor can be On/OFF very fast without any damage.

(5) Stepper Motor can give high torque at low speed.

(6) The Stepper Motor does not need a closed-loop system for controlling. Using the open loop system we can control accurately the Stepper motor as our requirements.

(8) Stepper Motor always gives an excellent response to starting, stopping, and reversing.

(9) The Stepper Motor is a Brushless motor which is why it is highly reliable.

(10) Stepper motor has very important advantages that are precise positioning, and repeatability of movement.

Types of Stepper Motor:

There are three types of Stepper motor,

                    1. Permanent Magnet Stepper Motor
                    2. Hybrid Synchronous Stepper Motor
                    3. Variable Reluctance Stepper Motor 

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