[Explained] Connection of Tube Light with Diagram

Tube Light Connection

The connection of Tube Light is very simple. Here you will find the Tube Light Connection with a detailed explanation. The proper name of Tube Light is Fluorescent Tube Light. Here you will learn how to connect Tube Light with Choke, Starter at Home. Here is the proper circuit diagram of Tube Light given. Also, the internal parts of a Tube Light are shown.

Tube Light Connection with Electrical Choke:

Tube Light Connection Diagram with Electrical Choke, Connection of Tube Light

As you see in the above connection diagram of Tube Light, the total circuit has three parts,

             1. Fluorescent Tube
             2. Electrical Choke
             3. Tube Light Starter

You can see that one terminal of each filament is connected through a starter. The starter Consists of Bi-metallic contacts which placed within Neon Gas. Inside the starter, a capacitor is connected across the bi-metallic contacts to eliminate the radio interference.

Another terminal of each filament is connected to the power supply. An electrical Choke is connected in series with the tube light. The Choke has an Inductor Coil inside it which creates a high voltage during the starting time of the Tube Light.

Electrical Choke has the following disadvantages,

1. Low efficiency
2. Not instant starting
3. More power loss
4. Can not work at low voltage
5. Need Tube Light Starter.

Tube Light Connection With Electronic Choke:

Tube Light Connection Diagram With Electronic Choke, Connection of Tube Light without starter

The connection diagram of a Tube Light with an Electronic Choke is very simple. Here is no need for a Tube Light Starter. 
Electronic Choke has one input and two outputs. As you see in the above diagram the Input of the electronic Choke is connected to the Switch Board for Power Supply. Output 1 is connected to the right side filament and Output 2 is connected to the left side filament.

You can also connect Output 1 to the left side filament and Output 2 to the right filament.

Electronic Choke gives the following advantages,

1. Instant Starting.
2. Low Power Loss
3. No need for a Tube light starter
4. No radio interference
5. Can operate at low voltage.
6. Energy Conservation.
7. High Efficiency.

These were the connection diagram of Tube Light with the electrical choke and electronic choke.

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