Actual Difference between SCR and TRIAC Explained


The main difference between SCR and TRIAC is, SCR is a Unidirectional Semiconductor Device but TRIAC is a Bi-Directional semiconductor device.

SCR means Silicon Controlled Rectifier and TRIAC means Triode for Alternating Current.

SCR and TRIAC are very important semiconductor devices which are used in power electronics circuits. Here we will discuss the important differences between SCR and TRIAC.

Difference between SCR and TRIAC, SCR, TRIAC

In the above figure, you can see the constructional difference between SCR and TRIAC. Both are four layer and three junctions devices. We can make a TRIAC by connecting two SCR in anti-parallel and gate terminal connected together.

Here you can see the symbolic difference between SCR and TRIAC,

SCR VS TRIAC, SCR symbol, TRIAC symbol

Other differences between SCR and TRIAC are given below,

SCR and TRIAC Comparison:

Silicon Controlled Rectifier (SCR)
Triode for AC(TRIAC)
SCR can conduct current only in one direction and block the current in another direction. That means SCR is a Unidirectional Semiconductor Device.

TRIAC can conduct current in both directions, and it also can block current in both directions. That means TRIAC is a Bi-Directional Semiconductor Device.
SCR can be used in a very large amount of Power Control.
TRIAC cannot be used to control a very large amount of power.

SCR can work with only Positive Gate triggering.
TRIAC can work in both Positive and Negative Gate Triggering.
SCR can operate in only one Mode.
TRIAC can operate in Four Modes.
SCR mainly used to control DC power.
TRIAC mainly used to control AC power.
As the SCR is a Unidirectional Device so polarity should be maintained when it connects to any circuit.
As the TRIAC is a Bi-Directional Device so it can be connected in any manner with a circuit.

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