Electrical Engineering Interesting Questions and Answers

Electrical Interesting Questions, electrical interview questions

Hey, here a lot of Electrical Engineering Interesting Questions are given below. These following questions will help you for your Interview.

1. Which is the cause of electrical shock current or voltage? Read Answer
2. Which is more dangerous AC or DC? Read Answer
3. Why we use 220V, 50Hz AC at home instead of DC or other voltage? Read Answer
4. Battery can store AC or DC and Why? Read Answer
5. Does Neutral Wire Give Electrical Shock or Not? Read Answer

6. What is the Difference Between Capacitor and Condenser? Read Answer
7. What is the Difference Between Voltage and EMF Explained? Read Answer
8. What is the Difference between Cell and Battery? Read Answer
9. What is the Meaning of mAh in Battery? Read Answer
10. Why Neutral Wire is not used in Transmission Line? Read Answer

11. Should Neutral Wire be thinner than Phase Wire or Not? Read Answer
12. Why Resistance of a Winding or Coil always measured with DC not AC? Read Answer
13. Why Inductor block AC and Capacitor block DC? Read Answer
14. Can use of Capacitor or Power Saver device reduce our Electricity Bill? Read Answer
15. What is the main Difference Between Neutral and Earth? Read Answer

16. How can we use a Step Down Transformer as Step Up Transformer? Read Answer
17. Can DC Motor run on AC supply? Read Answer
18. Why Transformer is Rated in KVA? Read Answer
19. Which side of Transformer is provided for Tapping and Why? Read Answer
20. Why Alternator Armature Winding always connected in STAR? Read Answer

21. What is the main Difference Between Earthing and Grounding? Read Answer
22. What is the Purpose of Using Neutral Grounding Resistor? Read Answer
23. Why Current, Voltage changes But Power, Frequency constant in Transformer? Read Answer
24. Why Solar Panels Blue or Black in color and has many White Lines? Read Answer
25. Why Fluorescent Light with Electronic Ballast does not need Starter? Read Answer

More electrical interesting questions will be added soon. So bookmark this page.

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