Electronics Engineering Interesting Questions and Answers

Electronics Interesting questions, Electronics interview questions

Hey, here a lot of Electronics Engineering Interesting Questions are given below which will help you for your interview and increase your knowledge.

1. Can a step-up transformer be used as an amplifier? Read Answer
2. How does Electronic CHOPPER Step Up and Step Down the DC Voltage? Read Answer
3. What is the Main Purpose of using Freewheeling or Flyback Diode? Read Answer
4. What is the Difference Between Oscillator and Amplifier? Read Answer
5. What is the difference between Rheostat and Potentiometer? Read Answer

6. What is the Actual Difference between SCR and TRIAC? Read Answer
7. What is the main Difference Between MOSFET and BJT? Read Answer
8. What is the Main Difference Between PN Junction Diode and Zener Diode? Read Answer
9. How and Why Zener Diode Regulate Voltage in Reverse Bias? Read Answer
10. Why Diode used in Solar Panel, Relay and Soldering Iron? Read Answer

11. Why all Electronic Devices Works on DC not AC? Read Answer
12. What is Vcc, Vss, Vdd, Vee in Electronics? Read Answer
13. Why CPU has so many power supply pins (e.g. Vcc, Vss)? Read Answer
14. Why NPN Transistors are mostly used than PNP Transistors? Read Answer
15. Why diode is connected across IGBT and MOSFET? Body or Intrinsic Diode Read Answer

16. What is the Actual Difference Between RAM and ROM? Read Answer
17. What is the Difference between Microprocessor and Microcontroller and CPU? Read Answer
18. What is Logic Gate in digital electronics? Read Answer
19. What is CMOS Battery? Read Answer
20. What is the Meaning of mAh in Battery? Read Answer

21. What is the difference between Photodiode and Phototransistor? Read Answer
22. Why Semiconductor does not obey Ohm's Law? Read Answer
23. What is the difference between Mobile CPU and Desktop CPU? Read Answer
24. What is the main difference between Modem and Router? Read Answer
25. Why Cache Memories has a very small capacity of data storing? Read Answer

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