[Actual] Difference Between Capacitor and Condenser

Capacitor vs Condenser

The actual difference between Capacitor and Condenser is 'Capacitor' is the newer term of 'Condenser' but there is no major difference between Condenser and Capacitor. 

In 1746, the capacitor was invented. The capacitor was invented by a  Dutch scientist whose name is Van Mussenbrock. When the capacitor was first invented, its name was 'Leyden Jar' because it was made with a glass jar which filled with water. In that time, the glass jar was charged with static electricity procedure.

Why the Capacitor is also called Condenser?

We know that a mechanical condenser or condenser coill can absorb a large volume of steam or heat energy at very low pressure. The Leyden Jar is also analogous to that mechanical condenser because it can absorb a large amount of electrical charge and store it in a very small space. So, for the analogous property of the Leyden Jar as a mechanical condenser, it was called condenser in earlier days.

So, it is cleared that the term 'condenser' is used because it condenses the electrical charge. 

The capacitor is also called Condensator.

Where the Condensor term is used?

In earlier days, when the term 'Capacitor' is not invented everywhere the term ' Condenser' is used. The term Condenser is used in everywhere till about 1960s. But in present days the terms are used very less. Nowadays some old people used the term condenser. 

Generally, the term 'Condenser' is used in high power applications. We know that the capacitors are used for protection purpose in high voltage. So in this case, the capacitor is called condenser. Capacitor also used for power factor improvement. When we talk about the methods of power factor improvement. The static condenser method comes.

The term 'Condensor' is mostly used in the automotive system. For low power applications such as in electronic circuits, the term 'Capacitor' is used.

What is a Capacitor or Condensor?

A capacitor or condenser is a passive electronic component. Sometimes it is also called passive device or passive element. The capacitor can store electrical energy in form the electrical charge. Generally, a conventional capacitor or condenser has two terminal. It has two plates inside it which are separated by a dielectric material.

Difference Between Capacitor and Condenser

The capacitor stores the electrical energy in the form of charge in its two plates. The charging and discharging property of the capacitor is very fast that means it charges very quickly and also discharges very quickly.

What is the Difference Between Capacitor and Condenser?

So finally, it is cleared there is no difference between the working principle and construction of the condenser and capacitor the only one difference between Condenser and Capacitor is, Capacitor is the new term whereas Condenser is the older term. For more simplification, we can say the condenser term is used for larger device whereas the term Capacitor is used for smaller component.

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