Why Capacitor is used? Best Applications and Function of Capacitor

The capacitor is used for energy storage, power factor improvement, and filtering purposes in electrical and electronic circuits. There are many important applications of the capacitor. Capacitors are widely used in electrical circuits as well as electronic circuits. In this article, we will discuss the main function of capacitors, their applications, and their uses.

Function of Capacitor

1. The main function of a Capacitor is to store the electrical energy in the form of electrical charge. The capacitor can store electrical energy but for a very short time. It charges very fast and also discharges very fast.

2. Another function of the Capacitor is, that it opposes the changes in voltage which is completely different from the Inductor because the inductor opposes the change in current.

3. Capacitor draws leading current.

4. Capacitor Provides capacitive impedance

Why Capacitor is used?

There are many devices and places in the electrical and electronic circuit where capacitors are used for different purposes. Some of them are explained below.

Why Capacitor is used in Single-phase Induction Motors?

We know that single-phase induction motors are not self-starting. To initially start the induction motor capacitor is used in a single-phase induction motor. 

Capacitor is used in Single-phase Induction Motor, Capacitor uses

There are two windings in a single-phase induction motor, one is running winding and another is starting winding. The capacitor is connected in series with the starting winding. We already have an article about this topic. So read the full article to know in detail. Read Here

Why Capacitor is used in Fluorescent Tube Light Starter?

You may notice a capacitor is used in the fluorescent tube light starter. Here the capacitor is connected across the bi-metallic contacts. 

Capacitor is used in Fluorescent Tube Light Starter, capacitor function

The main function of a capacitor in a tube light starter is to reduce electromagnetic interference. It also improves the transient response at the start of the tub light.

Why Capacitor is used in Generators?

Capacitors are also used in some generators such as induction generators. Capacitors are used in induction generators to maintain the magnetizing current. Other functions of capacitors in generators are power supply decouplers, feedback filters, etc.

Why Capacitor is used in a Substation?

The capacitor bank used in substations which contains a no. of capacitors. The capacitor bank used in the substation to power factor improvement. Capacitor banks are also used in industries for power factor improvement.

Capacitor Applications

Capacitors are used in both AC and DC circuits. The purposes of using capacitors in AC and DC circuits are different. So let's see the applications of capacitors in the AC and DC Circuit.

Applications of Capacitor in AC Circuit

Power Factor Improvement: When we talk about AC then the term "Power Factor" comes. So the main application of capacitors in AC circuits is power factor improvement. Capacitors are connected in parallel with the inductive loads to improve the power factor.

Phase Splitter: A capacitor is also used in AC for phase splitter or to create phase difference. One of the greatest examples is the single-phase induction motor where the capacitor is used as a phase splitter to start the induction motor.

Protection Purpose: Capacitors are used in transmission lines for protection purposes. They are used in a capacitive voltage transformer.

Voltage Step-down: Capacitors are also used to step down the AC voltage. The capacitor can reduce voltage creating a voltage drop. There is an advantage in reducing voltage using a capacitor due to very little power loss.

Applications of Capacitor in DC Circuit

Filtering: Capacitors are used in DC Circuits for filtering purposes. capacitors are used in rectifier circuits to filter the impure DC coming from the diode circuits.

Application of capacitor for filtering, capacitor application

Coupling and Decoupling: capacitors are used in DC circuits for Coupling and Decoupling Purposes. Coupling capacitors use RF filter circuits to block the DC and allow the AC. Decoupling capacitors are used in the input of the amplifier to reduce the unwanted noise.

Oscillating Signal: For charging and discharging properties of the capacitors they are used in oscillator circuits to create oscillating signals.

Signal Processing: Capacitors are used in signal processing circuits in the communication system and audio systems.

Timer Circuit: The basic analog timer circuits are made of capacitors.

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